Flourishing at Ancillary Retailing

At IBS Software, we are creating a series of blog posts to help airlines understand the parameters and think through the approach they need to adapt to move up the ancillary ladder and flourish at ancillary merchandising. This is the first in the series that gives an overview of key levers that the successful airlines get right in quest of achieving ancillary leadership. We will go deeper into each of the levers in subsequent blogs. IntroductionThe term 'ancillary' comes from the Latin word ancillaris, meaning 'maidservant'. The most common meaning of the word – the way most of us are aware of...
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Still sending low-resolution digital photos at GPRS/Edge speed? It is 2020!!

Way back in September 2007, I had traveled to the USA to visit my friend Ted. As part of travel gear, I carried four different devices - a Motorola V60 cellphone, a Canon digital camera, a Garmin navigation system and a PSP portable - plus cable, chargers and batteries.  Mobile Communication Standards and the Process in 2007 ​ Back in 2007, the mode of mobile communication was GPRS and the maximum size of digital pictures was 3.2 MP. The process of sending a photo from USA during my stay there, to family and friends was as follows:Take the picture with the Canon digital cameraCo...
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Enabling Digital Transformation of Customer Service

Digital transformation in travel industry is an understatement. If you are not on the digital wave yet, you have already missed the bus. For a lot of young travellers, travel is an extension of digital experience that engulfs their everyday life. From entertainment to food, fashion to shopping, millennials want an instantaneous digital experience. Travel is fast becoming part of a similar expectation and in a short time, the expectation has skyrocketed. They want to get all inputs from their influencers in real-time, see and experience as much as they can, chat and talk to people who have expe...
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How the right strategic partner can maximise an airline’s digital investments

The space sector traditionally faces some of the most versatile problems that need innovative solutions. The mission statement of NASA makes it clear that it relies on diverse sets of people to face the dynamic challenges in space programs. When NASA forms a team, each member possesses a different set of capabilities and as a team, collectively, the members could think differently and come up with multiple viewpoints. When such teams work together on problems, they get innovative ideas that enable them to derive new solutions; in other words, they become self-sustainable units. This paradigm o...
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Enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business - A guide for airlines

The digital transformation wave is reshaping the airline passenger experience like never before. Airlines are investing heavily to harness maximum value from the vast swathes of data available, using a plethora of technologies available today. Among these, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is drawing significant attention. However, incorporating AI into mainstream customer facing operations is not easy. It requires a planned and strategic approach to help unlock the potential that lies beneath.Successful AI implementations often follow a 3-step approach comprising of:Discovery Implementation Operat...
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