Dynamic Packaging: An Implementation Approach with Machine Learning and Personalisation

For long, travel has been a connected experience wherein different service providers like air, road, rail, and sea as well as hospitality players come into the picture at different stages of a journey. However, from a traveller's perspective, he or she would love to have a single booking experience with all desired modes of travel and accommodation availed as a single package. This would save them the trouble of having to search for deals in each case and then match up timings and dates to accommodate schedules of each item. But for tour operators and travel companies, offering such a flexibil...
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How airlines can prepare for the post pandemic world

As many airlines are grounded and passenger operations halted, the short-term outlook and timelines for the global recovery of the aviation sector remain uncertain. However, once the pandemic becomes controllable and the travel restrictions are relaxed, there will be an influx of cultural and commercial changes across the world that will continue to have a significant impact on airline operations. Economic effects In its May 2020 report, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasted total revenue losses of US$314 billion for the airline industry, as a result of the COVID-19 pan...
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Cargo Can't Talk (Or Can They?)

"Beep..."  RKN1212ZZ wakes up with a start. "...HQSAL001 calling coolcontainer" - the message comes through loud and clear. RKN1212ZZ responds "coolcontainer ready and receiving, state your command". Pat comes the reply "coolcontainer status report?"A pause, RKN1212ZZ checks her bearings - she'd made the long 10 hour intercontinental flight and had just checked in to the cool and secure confines of the special cargo facility. "Temperature at 10o Celsius, within tolerance of 8o to 12o Celsius; Battery 60%; GPS indicates position within acceptable variance of planned itinerar...
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Guest — Archie D'Souza
You really brought cargo to life. I've been an airfreight professional for 34 years and have written a great deal and also love to... Read More
Friday, 24 April 2020 01:42
Guest — Harinath Vobblisetty
Radhesh. A very well timed and fabulously articulated the power of integrations and investments into next steps of self managemen... Read More
Sunday, 26 April 2020 10:35

Flourishing at Ancillary Retailing

At IBS Software, we are creating a series of blog posts to help airlines understand the parameters and think through the approach they need to adapt to move up the ancillary ladder and flourish at ancillary merchandising. This is the first in the series that gives an overview of key levers that the successful airlines get right in quest of achieving ancillary leadership. We will go deeper into each of the levers in subsequent blogs. Introduction The term 'ancillary' comes from the Latin word ancillaris, meaning 'maidservant'. The most common meaning of the word – the way most of us are aware o...
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Still sending low-resolution digital photos at GPRS/Edge speed? It is 2020!!

Way back in September 2007, I had traveled to the USA to visit my friend Ted. As part of travel gear, I carried four different devices - a Motorola V60 cellphone, a Canon digital camera, a Garmin navigation system and a PSP portable - plus cable, chargers and batteries.  Mobile Communication Standards and the Process in 2007 ​ Back in 2007, the mode of mobile communication was GPRS and the maximum size of digital pictures was 3.2 MP. The process of sending a photo from USA during my stay there, to family and friends was as follows:Take the picture with the Canon digital cameraCo...
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