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Enabling agile airline partnerships in air cargo through a single, network-wide view


Airline partnerships in air cargo allow carriers to increase their network coverage and capacity utilization. Different partnership models exist with varying levels of commitment, from fixed capacity allocations under interline contracts to joint capacity selling under joint venture agreements. Yet, despite the significant business potential airline partnerships represent, there are far fewer in air cargo than on the passenger side. While multiple large-scale initiatives have been attempted, only a few have withstood the test of time. Most couldn't achieve expected results, commonly due to ope...

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Transitioning from Legacy to Modern Retail Platforms


So you've read IATA's new paper on transitioning orders and offers? Here are 6 things to do next.  In October 2023, IATA released a white paper — written by 15 airlines with input from IT partners, including IBS — which outlines a standards-based approach to modernising offer and order management. Make no mistake, this is a huge step forward for the industry. It sets out design and IT principles needed to ensure both maximum benefit and interoperability. The paper also provides, in some detail, the principles IATA and its contributors believe will enable an orderly, managed and successful...

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The impact of new technologies on loyalty management in the travel industry


Tech bros are mis-selling blockchain to airlines, and it needs to stop "The great thing about Blockchain is that it allows loyalty programs to give their customers the ability to spend their points anywhere." If you're like me, you've politely nodded through statements like this, and the enthusiastic explanation that follows. Blockchain, in this view, makes loyalty points full fungible, allowing customers to spend them anywhere. This increases engagement, which increases the value of the points, which is good for the programme and the brand. To which my response is... are you sure about that? ...

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Sustainability in Air Cargo


How long do we have to wait to initiate decarbonisation efforts? We can't make enough sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). There just isn't enough feedstock. Even by 2050, if we rely on existing raw materials, we'll only have half the SAF we need to meet demand [1]. How can the sector get serious about decarbonisation now, while we're still waiting for a solution to the SAF shortfall? By decarbonising the bits of the business that don't run on SAF. And one of the best ways to make an impact on your emissions right now, is by optimising your air-freight operations for sustainability.  Why air ...

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Top trends for airline loyalty programmes in 2024


What were 2023's biggest trends in airline loyalty programmes? What challenges is 2024 going to throw up? And where is loyalty heading in the next twelve months?  We caught up with Marcus Puffer, Vice President & Head of Loyalty Solutions, IBS Software, to get his insights on these questions.   1. Marcus, what were the key challenges and changes for airline loyalty schemes in 2023? One of the big trends of 2023 was the massive release of pent-up demand for leisure travel. This made things tricky for loyalty programmes. It meant there were fewer seats free for them to offer as a r...

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