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Navigating the Talent Journey: Insights from the "Recruit, Develop & Retain" Panel


I recently attended the People Matters L&D Conference 2023, one of the largest Learning & Development conferences in India, where I had the privilege of moderating the "Recruit, Develop & Retain" session, delving into the intricacies of talent management! Joining me on stage, were three esteemed panellists - Anindya Shee, Vice President of Jio Platforms; Ritu Agast, HR Director, Pearson India; and Rutinder Negi, Head of Learning & Development at Bajaj Finserv. Bringing together leaders from diverse industries to provide a spectrum of insights. Employee diversity was our first t...

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ONE Record and the road to a seamlessly connected air cargo ecosystem


These are exciting times to work in air cargo; we have a unique "once-in-a-generation" opportunity to shape the industry's future by resetting its digital foundations. There´s significant room to improve operations in the cargo ecosystem, characterized by legacy standards, overly complex processes, siloed systems patchworks, and workaround solutions. The result? Truncated information flows and systems integrations where critical data is lost or inaccurately interpreted across the shipment lifecycle, leading to inefficiencies and putting compliance at risk. But a brighter future is in the makin...

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Airline Revenue Management - The world is moving forward, do not be left behind


Traditionally, airlines treat seats as commodity, and airline Revenue Management (RM) relies heavily on categorizing them into fare-specific booking classes and forecasting the demand. Seat allocations to the classes are dynamically adjusted based on demand, to optimize revenue, thereby establishing an inventory control-driven dynamic pricing system - a method still widely employed by most airlines. However, passenger preferences have limited influence in this mechanism, largely due to technological limitations prevalent when this RM approach was devised decades ago. The inability to grasp pas...

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Greater efficiency, lower costs: how tech can transform oil and gas logistics


As I write this, WTI is at US$85 and Brent is at US$90 a barrel [1]. With those kinds of prices, it is easy to forget the pressure to control costs and show improved returns. But we all know that this pressure isn't going away. The difficulties of attracting new investment put cost control and reduction permanently on the agenda for the long term [2]. Also more cost optimization strategies are required, instead of short term cost reduction initiatives to ensure sustainable operations in the long run. With drilling costs rising [3] and labour shortages looming [4], oil and gas producers need to...

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Are Air Freight Carriers Spending their Digital Transformation Budgets Wisely?


By 2030, these companies will be spending US$8 billion a year on AI and data-driven digital transformation [1]. But is the way they are spending that money likely to get them the returns they hoping for? If they're digitising inefficient manual processes, without first optimising and streamlining them, these operators may not realise the full benefits of their investments. Why are some freight operators digitising the wrong way? Using digital technology to radically improve the efficiency of air freight operations can, at first glance, seem like a straightforward proposition. After all, many o...

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