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Proactively managing disruptions is mandatory as complexity and costs soar for US Airlines


Every minute a plane is delayed costs the operator between $75 - $100 [1]. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) recorded that US airlines accumulated more than hundred million minutes of delay every year [2]. Those 100 million lost minutes cost airlines almost 10 billion dollars annually. And when you factor in the ripple effect of disruption to passengers and downstream businesses, the cost rises sharply. The total cost of delayed flights to the US economy was up to $34 billion [3]. Commercial aviation generates 5% of US GDP [4].Every day, US airlines carry almost three million passe...

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Introducing iStay – the Unified Platform to simplify and improve hotels’ businesses


In January 2024, we announced our intention to acquire hotel and travel technology provider Above Property Services (APS®). Upon closing the transaction in March, we embarked on our journey to transform the hospitality industry. As we combine the considerable resources of a global company behind the hospitality industry's first unified platform, we felt this momentous move deserved a new name that reflects the broader array of products we can now offer. It's my pleasure to introduce you all to iStay. For hotel and travel executives, iStay is completely aligned with your priorities to simplify ...

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Airlines and hotels should reward customers with NFTs? Really?


Scarcity creates demand. We know this. It's a commonplace theory in economics and in marketing. If a product is seen as exclusive, something only available to a select few, customers will pay up to 50% more for it [1]. Loyalty program know how to use this search for status through exclusivity. They motivate loyalty and spending by giving consumers perks and privileges that not only confer material advantages but also signal that consumer's elite status to their peers. The catch with this kind of advantage is that it can be expensive. And given that scarcity is the prerequisite, it's also ...

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My Travel Notes - Jim Quilty, Associate Vice President Sales, IBS Software


In our 'My Travel Notes' series, our travel-savvy colleagues share their insider tips and recommendations. Jim Quilty answers our questions on food, travel, and tech trends. If we visit your country, what's the one meal we shouldn't miss? When you travel to the U.S., visit Texas and you'll experience the finest barbecued beef brisket. It's more than a way of preparing meat, it's a way of living an authentic Texas lifestyle. Giddy Up! How do you pass the time inflight? Reading books! Flying is my time to decompress as I put away technology. My preferred genre is non-fiction. I just finishe...

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Four keys to scaling strategic partnerships in loyalty


Strategic partnerships expand the products and services loyalty programs can offer, driving increased value and engagement for members, and retention and revenue opportunities for providers. But navigating the complexities of partnership management is a challenge of its own. From negotiating agreements to onboarding partners seamlessly, how do you scale up your partnership game effectively?  Flexible partnership models: where it all starts Whether prepaid, postpaid, volume-based pricing, or promotions, partnership strategies must consider flexible commercial models that can adapt to the d...

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