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Mridula Vattathara Phinoo, Lead Test Analyst, Consulting and Digital Transformation team, IBS Software, Cochin, India


Hello Mridula, tell us about your role and what you enjoy I'm a lead test analyst, working on member portals for airline loyalty programs. We test applications before delivery of products to clients. I enjoy finding and analysing issues and providing ideas for improvement, contributing towards delivering a quality product. I get to collaborate with smart, interesting, and passionate people at every level in the organization. Ultimately, I enjoy my role not just because I love what I do, but also because I am part of a dream team which is almost like my extended family.  How did you get st...

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Four trends shaping airline loyalty program expectations and success


Spurred by a rapidly changing digital landscape and dynamic market context, expectations from loyalty programs have changed for both business and leisure travelers. While loyalty played a crucial role helping airlines weather the pandemic, what new realities should airlines consider to fulfill member expectations moving forward? Let's explore four key trends that are shaping airline loyalty today and into the near future.  1. Traveler and staff empowerment It's no secret that in the early days of the pandemic airlines and travelers experienced a high degree of friction managing massi...

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Tackling Supply Chain Disruptions & Improving operational efficiencies of terminal operations by future-proofing Cargo Management System


Keeping the core product updated to ensure that it is able to scale up & support the changing industry trends is key to extending the product life of any solution. Naveen Jacob, Lead Product Manager – Cargo & Logistics shares his view on what are the major focus areas in the air cargo space, and how the leading product in the area – iCargo is gearing up to meet these changes,  What do you foresee as some of the major thrust areas, which will need to be focussed on from an air cargo product perspective? Though historically ships move more cargo than flights, airfreight is much fast...

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Significance of Data & Analytics in Airline Cargo Management


Data and analytics have opened avenues for more efficient business operations and digital innovations. This allows businesses to identify and prepare for future contingencies by understanding customer preferences and market trends. Padmaja, Lead Product Manager - Cargo & Logistics Solutions at IBS Software, discusses how data is being used in the air freight industry and the challenges in adopting data analytics, as well as what the future holds.  1. In this era of Digitalization, data & analytics play a vital role in digital transformation. How do you envisage these technolo...

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Digital Transformation in the Energy & Resources Logistics industry


When it comes to digitization, the energy industry has traditionally been slow on the uptake. However, things are changing. More companies are realizing that there are incredible benefits associated with digital transformation and are slowly embracing it. In this blog, we are in conversation with Tarek Muradi, Director of Sales at IBS Software.  What is the relevance of logistics digitalization and enterprise applications like iLogistics in the future of energy supply chain markets? As oil and gas companies strive to gain greater operational efficiencies and drive productivity throughout ...

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