Mohamed Jaffer Ali A

How the right strategic partner can maximise an airline’s digital investments

The space sector traditionally faces some of the most versatile problems that need innovative solutions. The mission statement of NASA makes it clear that it relies on diverse sets of people to face the dynamic challenges in space programs. When NASA forms a team, each member possesses a different set of capabilities and as a team, collectively, the members could think differently and come up with multiple viewpoints. When such teams work together on problems, they get innovative ideas that enable them to derive new solutions; in other words, they become self-sustainable units. This paradigm o...
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Binu George

Enabling Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business - A guide for airlines

The digital transformation wave is reshaping the airline passenger experience like never before. Airlines are investing heavily to harness maximum value from the vast swathes of data available, using a plethora of technologies available today. Among these, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is drawing significant attention. However, incorporating AI into mainstream customer facing operations is not easy. It requires a planned and strategic approach to help unlock the potential that lies beneath. Successful AI implementations often follow a 3-step approach comprising of: Discovery Implementation Oper...
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Radhesh R Menon

API based air cargo ecosystem in the future

At a simple level, an API is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software application or tool. They are the sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another. APIs in turn are modern day equivalents of real time chat applications like snapchat, WhatsApp and so on - systems that are connected in real time with near zero delay between request and response. For instance, a travel company develops and makes available an API so that other travel companies can send information requests to its systems, and of course receive the replies, usu...
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Vinod K Vijayan

MRO IT Strategy for the Connected Aircraft

Changes are finally taking off in the aviation industry. Digitization and digital transformation, the hallmarks of other industrial transformations over the past decade, are slowly spreading its wings. At the heart of this change is the connected aircraft. The incredible amount of data generated by modern airplanes are changing the way an airline or MRO operates, from customer care to operations to maintenance, opening up tremendous opportunities for them to be smarter and more efficient. The trend in digitization and data analytics is evident in the industry. The Oliver Wyman MRO Survey 2017 ...
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Aravind Ramachandran

Aviation 2018 round up: 8 of our best blogs from the past year

The Holy Grail of IROPS recovery Contrary to popular belief, airline companies, passengers and travel partners have one thing in common: None of them want a flight to be delayed. That's right, no airline in the world is happy to delay a flight; not only does it cost them a lot of money as penalties and additional charges, but it also makes their customers hate them and trust them less – and that's only what's immediately obvious.   Click here to read more blog posts on Aviation Operations Services solutions from IBS Software Why air cargo needs a blockchain boost Blockchains, by their ver...
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