Christine Updegraff

What’s politics got to do with your hotel’s revenues?

No, I don't want a room in this hotel. The owner and I disagree politically. by AuthorTraditionally, hoteliers have always considered location, quality of guest experience and price points to be the key factors for driving demand. But now, it appears that guests are making a political statement through their choice of hotels. Sadly, not everything contributing to this choice would fall under the control of the hotel, which means prevention of such adversity is often impossible. A recent, extreme example comes from New York, and it grabbed headlines all over the USA. The hotel-condo hybrid, whi...
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Sherilyn Rogers

8 things hotel customers will use smartphones for in 2018

"We need to have a good mobility strategy" ​ If you haven't heard this from your marketing or technology departments (or a consultant) already in the past few years, you will certainly hear it in 2018. Anything afterwards may be way too late, based on what we can see in the hospitality industry today. But then again, what does a "good" mobility strategy really mean? Think With Google – the research wing of the search giant – reports that 40% of all travel website visits in the United States happen through mobile. The smartphone in the hands of your customer is therefore your best friend a...
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Christine Updegraff

Size does matter: Brand consolidation in hospitality wholesale breeds optimism

"It's complicated" - a hotel may say when asked about its relationship with OTAs and bed banks. Nearly half of all hotel inventory sales online happen through OTAs and wholesalers, and that share is growing, although direct bookings continue to be attractive for hotel brands in search of greater margins.In his recent interview with CNBC, Mark Okerstrom, the CEO of Expedia, highlighted that diversity and size of inventory is a key part of his strategy for the future. "We've built an incredible platform for customers to come and look at all of the properties. We've got 1050 properties in New Yor...
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Francis Wilson

Innovations in Hospitality: Insights from the CEO, Rajiv Shah

Interested in the latest disruptions and trends in the hospitality industry that might affect your business? Then look no further: Bonotel Exclusive Travel recently featured a thought piece written by IBS Software Services CEO Rajiv Shah that takes a serious look at the latest innovations in hospitality services. You can read the article in the February Edition of the Bonotel Brief, Bonotel's quarterly publication.Read by a wide range of hotel managers, hotel operators, and travel agents from the hospitality industry, the Bonotel Brief features articles written by leading executives. In this i...
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