The Leap from “Logistics-as-a-Function” to “Logistics-as-a-Service” for Energy & Resources Sector

As the world learns to live with COVID-19, businesses are battling to stay relevant. The energy sector was hit a double blow with the prices of Brent hitting historical lows, and WTI futures running into negatives. Energy companies were quick in responding to the industry downturn by cutting capital expenditure by 30-40%, scaling back existing production, reducing workforce by 50-65%, running operations with essential workforce only, and halting drilling with rig counts reduced by more than half. Though a pandemic of this scale is unprecedented, energy companies have to find innovative ways to...
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Empowering Energy & Resources Workforce Logistics during COVID-19 Disruptions with Mathematical Optimization

Several thousands of workers in oil & gas, mining and construction sectors are stranded at work sites around the world due to the COVID-19 lock down. While companies make the best efforts to protect the health and safety of workers with regular health screenings, reduced essential workforce at project sites, checkerboard seating, limited community interactions, electronic act of acceptance, regular cleaning & disinfecting, seating restrictions during dining etc., it will take several months for the workforce to return to their normal rotating schedule. Many workers are enduring their s...
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Crisis vs. Opportunity: Benefiting From Low Oil Prices

Introduction In light of the recent oil price slump, everyone has been asking how companies around the world can properly deal with this landmark change in the market for the world's most important commodity. In this interview, Ramesh D Nair, Vice President of Oil and Gas Logistics explains how companies can actually benefit from this transformational period for the industry. Q: First of all, thank you Ramesh for taking the time to speak with us. I think a good start for our discussion would be the hottest topic in town, the oil price crisis. What is your view on the current oil price crisis a...
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