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How AI is revolutionizing operations and offshore logistics in the oil and gas industry


With its ability to learn and deliver real-time analytics, AI's impact on offshore logistics in the oil and gas industry is immense. Companies operating in this space are leveraging AI to optimize supply chains and minimize downtime by ensuring resources are allocated productively. The data-driven insights and automation capabilities AI provides enable stakeholders with the information and tools they need to enhance decision-making, improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions. AI´s transformative power on offshore logistics can´t be overstated, including: Automated supply chain m...

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Optimizing Energy & Resources Material Logistics Supply Chain


Are oil and gas logistics really as robust as you need them to be? The demand for offshore support vessels will soon be higher than the available supply. That's the conclusion of a report released early in 2023 [1]. The volume of new exploration since the war in Ukraine began, the growth of offshore renewables and the rising number of pipeline projects all threaten to cause logistics-asset shortages in the near future. Unless there's rapid investment in new shipbuilding, helicopter procurement and more, it won't be possible to meet this growing demand with new capacity. What should the oil and...

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