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How a cloud-native PSS drives scalability, business agility, and cost-efficiency


Airline business leaders have traditionally had a limited choice of suppliers when choosing their PSS platform. In a product-centric world that was focused on indirect distribution, little emphasis was placed on customer-centricity. Instead, the spotlight shone on high-volume transactions management on what were mainframe-based platforms. With the evolution of the industry towards more direct relationships between airlines and their customers, new platforms emerged that no longer utilize mainframe technologies, enabling new capabilities that were previously unavailable. Customer and business d...

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Ten reasons business leaders should care about cloud-native tech

Ten reasons business leaders should care about cloud native tech

Striking the sweet spot between revenues and costs is a balancing act that keeps many business leaders up at night. With ever-increasing competition, sweating out the margins is "the" business mantra, particularly in times of slower growth. So how can cloud-native technology help increase revenues, lower costs, and improve business agility? And why should business leaders care about technology design – isn´t that why IT departments exist? The decision-making process when selecting new technology often starts with people cross-referencing capabilities with set business objectives. What doe...

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