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OPS 2020: Explore digital solutions to airline business disruption

OPS2020: Explore digital solutions to airline business disruption

Attention airline CTOs, your Operations Control Center (OCC) could be contributing to losses of as much as $25 billion annually. What are you doing to prevent it?

Force Majeure – an act of God or a natural calamity which is beyond the control of mankind – is considered a valid reason in the airline industry for delay or cancellation of flights. Any other reason may result in massive losses, heavy penalties (based on the specific contract clauses) and damage to customer goodwill in a heavily competitive industry. Can your airline afford a long downtime in business, especially if the disruption stems from human error or technical failures?

Lack of digital readiness in your OCC is not just a bad excuse, but often a recipe for disaster in the airline industry. How can technology innovators like us help you mitigate this risk?

The first ever OPS 2020 Digital Airline Operations conference, organized by IBS Software on the 3rd and 4th of December, 2017 aims to explore the answer to that question and more. A select list of 40 delegates representing 10 key players in the airline industry will gather at the Le Meridien, Dubai to exchange know how and share best practices towards charting out the future of digital OCC management. In addition to the keynote address on digital transformation and two think tank sessions, participants will also have the opportunity to discover the exciting new elements in the product roadmap of the iFlight NEO digital airline operations platform for 2019-2022, and deliver their feedback. 

These are the pertinent questions we must ask when it comes to digital OCCs:
• How can these concepts like big data, IoT, predictive analytics and cloud translate to real value in airline operations?
• How do we effectively conduct the evolution of the digital OCC from legacy systems?
• How do we maximize the impact of new investment capability stemming from low fuel prices?
• How do we facilitate Collaborative Disruption Management and help airlines avoid burning money?

Airlines of tomorrow cannot possibly blame their problems on the technology limitations of the past. Leveraging the right digital platform and establishing an effective ecosystem today will translate into greater levels of operational efficiency and hence real dollar savings in the future. OPS 2020 is your opportunity, as an airline technology/business leader, to work hand in hand with us in building the vision of what the industry will look like tomorrow. 

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Daniel Stecher is Vice President of Airline Operations at IBS, and has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation and logistics industries. Prior to joining the IBS family, he was product manager and consultant for the schedule management, operations control and crew management product at Lufthansa Systems. Daniel is perpetually on the move, having raked up literally over a million miles of business travel in his career. He enjoys delicious home cooked food, reading books and the odd round of golf in his spare time.

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