VOPS 2020 – The Virtual Connect

OPS 2020 started in Dubai in 2017 with a vision to have a forum for key industry players in Aviation Operations to exchange views about their daily challenges. In 2018 we met in Miami and then Berlin in 2019. This year we are going global; OPS 2020 is going to be hosted from around the world – including Bangkok, Singapore, Istanbul, Stockholm, Frankfurt, London, Trivandrum, Berlin, Sydney, Cape Town, Mauritius, Mumbai, Memphis, Montreal – you name it, we are there. With Covid-19 impacting the world and the related travel restrictions, combined with reductions in discretionary spend, it is not ...
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Still sending low-resolution digital photos at GPRS/Edge speed? It is 2020!!

Way back in September 2007, I had traveled to the USA to visit my friend Ted. As part of travel gear, I carried four different devices - a Motorola V60 cellphone, a Canon digital camera, a Garmin navigation system and a PSP portable - plus cable, chargers and batteries.  Mobile Communication Standards and the Process in 2007 ​ Back in 2007, the mode of mobile communication was GPRS and the maximum size of digital pictures was 3.2 MP. The process of sending a photo from USA during my stay there, to family and friends was as follows:Take the picture with the Canon digital cameraCo...
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Flygskam – Airlines to take note! Can Carbon turn Oxygen for the Airline Industry?

The flight shame movements  According to a recent survey, one in seven people will shun flying even if it means using more expensive and less convenient alternatives. By now, you would all have heard of Greta Thunberg, the teenage activist who has thrust climate change into the spotlight. And by extension, the adverse impact that the aviation industry is having on the environment. The words flygskam, tågskryt, Att smygflyga, #jagstannarpåmarken may not be familiar to most, but with the increased public awareness of climate change, the English equivalents – "flight shame", "train brag...
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OPS 2020 Berlin - Digital Airline Operations

The 3rd edition of IBS' OPS 2020 event was held at Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof in Berlin on 16-17 July 2019. 54 airline operations, hub management, crew scheduling and planning optimization experts from 14 airlines, 11 countries and four continents (Australia, Europe, East-Asia, North-America) got to the German capital and made OPS 2020 Berlin the largest ever. The event focuses on Operations Control, Hub Management, Crew Planning Optimization, Crew Scheduling and Airline OCC Management. The very first OPS 2020 was held in 2017 in Dubai. The two-day event provided an excellent opportunity to e...
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Airline operations: What should replace the legacy systems?

As was explored in the previous blog post in the series, obsolete legacy systems are usually the result of a dangerously myopic IT strategy. Overcoming the heavy cost implications of migrating away from legacy systems could begin with looking at a cloud based approach. But that is only the first piece of the entire structure; it is critical for the new age platform to recognize and have the capacity to enable certain principles that are inherent for the business practices we can foresee for the next generation. BBC Capital recently published an analysis of such decisions [to persist with legac...
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