IBS partners with Traveltech Lab to boost innovation in travel sector

IBS partners with Traveltech Lab to boost innovation in travel sector

IBS is proud to partner with Traveltech Lab, the first of its kind innovation hub in London, which has successfully positioned itself as a platform for creative minds to collect, converse and collaborate towards beneficial disruption. Budding entrepreneurs are given the support they need to bridge the gap between having a high potential idea and setting up a viable business. Interaction between fellow entrepreneurs working on diverse business models drives further innovative thinking. Unplugging from conventional corporate thinking patterns, such a platform opens up a wide opportunity for those creative minds who wish to channel their talents towards a meaningful purpose. Combining this with IBS' world class domain expertise will enable tremendous changes in the travel, aviation, hospitality and logistics industries we work in. 

Creativity is as much an asset for a technologist, as it is to a business leader. Tried and tested ways will take you to safe places, which may have nothing new to offer. Success comes to the bold, creative and talented when they are bestowed with the right platform. When it unlocks real value – be it for mankind in general, an industry as a whole, or a business enterprise in particular, it earns the tag of 'Innovation' and has meaning in the world.

A combined venture between London & Partners ( the Mayor of London's official promotional agency for London) and The Trampery, (a London-based social enterprise which focuses on enabling entrepreneurship through providing workspaces) Traveltech Lab offers entrepreneurs the facilities and environment they need to foster innovation and grow their businesses, including access to industry leaders, investors and mentor-consultants. "London is a global tourist destination and Europe's leading tech hub so it is encouraging to see so many larger companies looking towards early stage innovators in London to adapt their business models to the world of tomorrow. By supporting Traveltech Lab members, IBS is forging a strong link to London's bustling travel tech community," said Charles Armstrong, CEO of The Trampery.

Andrew Cooke (Acting Chief Executive, London & Partners) said, "As a company with deep expertise in travel, transportation and logistics, IBS' knowledge, global connections and commitment to innovation will provide unique and invaluable support for London's Traveltech community shaping their growth and scale both in London and globally." 

A few of the many start-ups that currently are members at the lab are:

  1. bd4travel - With intelligent personalisation for travel, bd4travel offers an ingenious set of real time tools that revolutionize the way you sell travel online.
  2. SWITCH.CM - specializes in hotel API architecture & builds reservations software for hotels around the world.
  3. Booking Factory - offers end-to-end PMS, CRS, Booking Engine, and Website builder tools for smaller (50 rooms or less) independent hotels and hotel groups.
  4. FlyTo - Winner of the 2017 Travel Technology Europe 'disrupt award', FlyTo arranges instant credit to allow purchase of travel on-line.
  5. Bubbl Bubbl provides companies with a disruptive 'off-the-shelf' geolocation solution for proximity marketing.
  6. Timelooper – A location-based virtual reality app, Timelooper partners with a location or an attraction to help tourists relive historical events that took place in the site they are visiting
IBS has been providing innovative solutions for the world's best companies in the aviation, travel, hospitality and logistics sectors over the past two decades. This new partnership is expected to take our innovation practices to the next level. Areas such as artificial intelligence based customer service models, integrated selling platforms, predictive algorithms etc. are ripe for innovation and will undoubtedly lead the charge into the future. This partnership will therefore result in tremendous value additions for our customers' businesses.

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Sunday, 14 July 2024

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