How IBS Software is Transforming Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO)?

How IBS Software is Transforming Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO)?

Fly-in fly-out is an employment method, where workforce is deployed in remote areas by flying them temporarily to the worksite. This method is preferred instead of relocating employees and their families permanently and the fly-in-fly-out roster ensures that the employees can rest, spend time with family, and recover when they are flown back to their hometown. This is important as the on-site job is very demanding and the employees have to work long shifts of almost 12 hours each day. Being on the flight in flight out roster is also beneficial for a FIFO worker, as being relocated to a remote location usually results in lesser job opportunities for their spouse, limited educational choices for children, and poor recreational facilities. With this arrangement, the families of FIFO workers can reside in their hometown and can make the most of high-quality facilities and opportunities.

While the flight in flight out is cost-effective for the employer and also helps a FIFO worker strike some balance in their life, it comes with its fair share of challenges. Separation from their family can have adverse effects on the mental health of the FIFO workers. It can also result in a negative environment for children in the household as they have to deal with the absence of a parent. The unavailability of a parent can also often lead to separation anxiety and issues in children.

Another major drawback of the fly-in-fly-out method is that the long shifts and lack of sufficient rest often prove to be detrimental to the physical and mental health of the FIFO workers. Additionally, most remote towns where FIFO workers are placed have limited access to recreational activities. This disables the employees from having any downtime or getting a break amidst work.

How IBS' Cloud Technology manages FIFO 

The fly-in-fly-out system has proven to be profitable for the employee and the employer as well. However, the logistics of this roster can be quite tedious and a nightmare for companies, this is where IBS Software comes into play with a solution to resolve all issues. With over 20 years of expertise and experience in implementing world-class solutions, we at IBS Software are transforming the fly-in-fly-out operations for FIFO workers using its iLogistics cloud technology platform.

Region-specific plans 

While finding the best solution and logistical pathway for the smooth transfer of fly mining workers, we first understand and measure each region's process maturity. This helps us establish and identify the strengths and pain points of the region, and create a tailor-made solution. IBS utilizes real-time data that helps make informed decisions, reduce costs year-on-year and also creates a predictable, flexible and scalable operational model. We aim at creating an optimum roadmap plan to achieve the vision of the client and strategic priorities. Once the SOP's have been identified, IBS Software helps ensure a smooth fly-in-fly-out operation.

We start by gauging the demand and plan lodge management solutions and the forecasting for this is done at least two years before the actual project starts. This then enables the client and its contractors to forecast their logistics and lodge demand for each project, operation and activity, using the technology from IBS Software. Demand planning is mandated from all contractors well before the reservations are booked. This is achieved by managing 14-30-60-90-day demand variance. This helps in the smooth procurement of beds from lodge vendors for each FIFO worker without the risk of under booking.

Travel management 

The next important variable in ensuring a hiccup-free flight-in-flight-out roster is travel service management. iLogistics enables fully automated bookings for FIFO workers, travel coordinator booking for contractors, and self-booking for occasional business travelers. IBS software creates a fully sustainable method that helps limit engagement between travelers and the travel service team. With the help of our software, you can also ensure compliances are followed by the fly mining workers.

iLogistics from IBS Software is a one-stop platform for end-to-end solutions for FIFO workers. The standardized processes help maintain discipline and the integrated system ensures smooth traveling for fly-in-fly-out workers. It also helps the management reduce redundant data management and system errors. A universal software in place reduces logistics and IT costs and accommodates the most complex set of business rules.
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