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OPS 2020 Berlin - Digital Airline Operations

OPS 2020 Berlin - Digital Airline Operations
The 3rd edition of IBS' OPS 2020 event was held at Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof in Berlin on 16-17 July 2019. 54 airline operations, hub management, crew scheduling and planning optimization experts from 14 airlines, 11 countries and four continents (Australia, Europe, East-Asia, North-America) got to the German capital and made OPS 2020 Berlin the largest ever. The event focuses on Operations Control, Hub Management, Crew Planning Optimization, Crew Scheduling and Airline OCC Management. The very first OPS 2020 was held in 2017 in Dubai.

The two-day event provided an excellent opportunity to exchange airline industry best practices and enable airline OCC know-how transfer and experts discussions. The international airline attendees elaborated on major topics like Operations Safety, Fatigue Risk Management, Crew Planning Optimization, Augmented Decision Support, Business Process Automation, Operations Disruption Recovery and Collaborative Decision Making. Airline OCC experts and industry thought leaders presented their business expectations, experiences and visions on the next generation of airline operations and the digital transformation that needs to happen across the entire industry.

Airline OCC Experts Panel

The highlight of Day 1 was the airline expert panel with more than 150 years of airline OCC experience elaborated on major airline business and change management topics.

  • Digital transformation is about more than implementing tools and automation. It should support users to take better decisions in the future and will change the workplace in the OCC. As expectations evolve, how can we support the change management ?
  • Which challenges amongst e.g. rising fuel costs, pilot shortage, passenger compensation costs, grounding of certain aircraft types and environmental concerns, are influencing your daily work?
  • How do you get your airline leaders to listen?
  • How do you get access to more data, and more digital tools?
  • How are you utilizing real-time operational data to remove inefficiencies and reduce costs?
  • How can you structure your transformation strategy to maximize ROI and avoid common OCC pitfalls? 

Think Tank Sessions

On Day 2, the think tank sessions on trending industry topics fostered collaboration and industry know-how transfer which is vital to drive the airline industry forward. The dynamics and energy of each think tank group was inspiring. Vital questions like "How can airlines speed up decision support?" or "How can human errors in daily decision making be mitigated with new digital tools and integrated platforms" were jointly discussed. The conclusions from each think tank were presented to the whole group. 

Watch the video highlight from the event here:

Daniel Stecher is Vice President of Airline Operations at IBS, and has more than 20 years of experience in the aviation and logistics industries. Prior to joining the IBS family, he was product manager and consultant for the schedule management, operations control and crew management product at Lufthansa Systems. Daniel is perpetually on the move, having raked up literally over a million miles of business travel in his career. He enjoys delicious home cooked food, reading books and the odd round of golf in his spare time.

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