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Streamlining air cargo terminal operations through mobility

Streamlining air cargo terminal operations through mobility

Minimizing costs, enhancing service quality and improving profitability – it is the perfect triad for any business leader, irrespective of which industry he/she works in. Companies with some penchant for innovation have been looking at mobility as the key to achieving these goals, with visible success in many cases. The air cargo industry, being both labor intensive as well as heavily dependent on data capture and processing, offers fertile ground for implementing an efficient mobility strategy.

Current infrastructure standards of the industry leave a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to real-time data management requirements. A substantial level of manual intervention is essential, thus increasing the risk of inaccuracy or incompleteness of information being exchanged between various nodes in the chain. To make things worse, much of this data capture is done after the processes are actually completed, as opposed to real-time capture and storage.

In the article "Going Mobile for Airline Cargo Terminal Operations" published in the latest edition of Payload Asia, Naveen Jacob, Senior Business Consultant at IBS Software writes about how to streamline the various processes in the air cargo supply chain through automation and mobile apps.

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Tuesday, 16 April 2024

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