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How American Airlines is set to maximize growing air cargo opportunities

How American Airlines is set to maximize growing air cargo opportunities
Implementing mission-critical software for one of the largest airlines in the world is both an opportunity and a challenge. The complexity and sheer size of a carrier like American Airlines make any project exciting and intricate at the same time.
When we teamed up for the iCargo implementation a couple of years ago, we knew that we had a significant undertaking ahead of us! Working hand in hand with American Airlines, we were able to free our customer from the 91 disparate cargo systems they had relied on to date for their business. Now, American Airlines ´cargo business runs on a single, end-to-end platform. According to Jessica Tyler, President of American Airlines Cargo, this represented the airline´s largest and most impactful technology transformation project for cargo.
Further strengthening our partnership as we move forward, American Airlines is an active member of the iCargo customer community, which plays a big part in prioritizing our solution developments and combining best practices with innovative use of technology. Watch Jessica talk about the complexities overcome during the project, the benefits iCargo brings to her business, and the partnership we have built along the way!

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Radhesh Menon heads product management and strategy for IBS' offerings in the Airline Cargo Solutions line of business. In this capacity, he is responsible for short and long term product goals, competitive benchmarking, product roadmap and innovation practice. He is also responsible for running the product community model. He has over 16 years of experience in the air cargo and logistics business systems in air cargo, industry best practices and new industry initiatives. Radhesh played a pivotal role in conceptualizing and developing the blueprints for IBS's new generation product line for air cargo management. 


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