Daily Disruption: A Doctor in the Palm of Your Hand

Daily Disruption: A Doctor in the Palm of Your Hand

Today, the internet is now a one stop home, for health-care, jobs, finance, IT, you name it. When we're feeling sick, we even let the internet treat us, without taking proper advice from a doctor. We rely on sites and blogs and accept the solutions that they give us, based on the symptoms we enter into the search box. Studies which have proved that disease rates are increasing on a daily basis - the primary reason being the current lack of timely consultation and proper medication.

To make things even more complex, we have many online consultation websites that proclaim that consultations are done by a "certified doctor". But it is easy to doubt the reliability of such sites, especially the enlisted doctors who we don't know personally or have any reason to trust.

What we need is an application, which provides an interface for online medical consultation, but also comes with the underlying concept of trust, which is mandatory for the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Once a patient logs into the system, based on his current location, he will see all the certified doctors available in the location along with their respective specialization.
  • The system should also be able to capture the patient's symptoms, and his doctor (based on the patient's wish list and the doctor's availability).
  • Once this detail reaches the server, a rule engine should prioritize the lists of all the patients for a doctor based on the information captured.
  • At the doctor's end, this list will be populated, but he should be able to override the system prioritized list, based on his knowledge/preference.
  • Then, the patient will be given a time slot and will be alerted once his slot is ready.
  • The doctor can consult with the patient using the video conferencing functionality available within the system.
  • If the doctor feels that he needs the physical presence of the patient for further consultation, he can raise a red flag and request the patient to reach the respective hospital.
Thus, this system will overcome all the possible reasons for not wanting to go to a hospital for consultation, because you are being consulted by your favorite doctor at your location, then and there. It's said that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." But if we have a doctor at hand, then what do we need an apple for?
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Saturday, 20 April 2024

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