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The legacy syndrome and hoteliers' ability to unlock new revenue streams from personalization


Amid the travel industry's retail transformation that aims to strike the sweet spot between profit and customer-centric experiences, hoteliers are experimenting with different unbundling and re-bundling strategies and techniques. In the quest to fulfil as many guest needs as possible and increase share of wallet, hoteliers are also partnering with third parties to expand the products and services they can offer. But packaging insourced and outsourced offer components while delivering a seamless and personalized, yet consistent, brand experience across customer touchpoints is challenging. "Serv...

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Four essential techniques for attribute-based selling success in hospitality


As I discussed in my previous article, attribute-based selling (ABS) is a transformative strategy by which hotels sell individualized experiences to guests, rather than one-size-fits-all packages. Under this model, each guest picks and chooses the amenities and add-ons that are most important to them, effectively building a more personalized stay. ABS has distinct advantages over traditional, "bundled" selling models. For example, with ABS, hotels may price down some rooms so that they are more affordable (e.g., by forgoing daily housekeeping) and are less likely to remain vacant. Meanwhile, t...

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How hoteliers can drive revenue and improve CX with attribute-based selling


The hospitality industry is undergoing a retail transformation, driven by evolving guest expectations and new digital tools, integrations, and partnerships—all of which make selling more flexible. Attribute-based selling (ABS) is fundamental to this transformation. With ABS, hotels can personalize guest experiences by enabling guests to pick, choose, and purchase varied attributes with their stay. ABS enables a unique experience based on each guest's priorities — whether it's cost savings, premium amenities, special experiences, or other elements. Despite these advantages, ABS has unique chall...

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