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Revenue Management in Aviation Industry


Revenue Management is considered the backbone of the aviation industry. Predicting the right demand, timing, and pricing are responsibilities of the revenue management system. Technology has brought radical changes in the way revenue is realized by the airline industry. However, technology has a lot more to offer compared to what is being implemented. In this blog, Kelwin Kuriachan, Senior Principal Product Consultant, talks about the future scope of technology and its role in revenue management, the challenges involved in revenue management, and how AI can help with continuous pricing.  ...

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Challenges and Trends Of Aviation In Brazil


Over the past two months, I've had the pleasure of engaging in a challenging project proposed by IBS Software, a leading company in SaaS solutions for the aviation, cruise and hospitality industries. I interviewed some of the most important players in Brazilian aviation to produce an comprehensive view of the sector, bringing to light the challenges and opportunities of this important industry of the Brazilian economy. There were more than 30 interviews, and that was how the report – Challenges and Trends in Aviation in Brazil - was born, presenting the current aviation industry agenda and und...

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