My Travel Notes - Jim Quilty, Associate Vice President Sales, IBS Software

In our 'My Travel Notes' series, our travel-savvy colleagues share their insider tips and recommendations.

Jim Quilty answers our questions on food, travel, and tech trends.

If we visit your country, what's the one meal we shouldn't miss?

When you travel to the U.S., visit Texas and you'll experience the finest barbecued beef brisket. It's more than a way of preparing meat, it's a way of living an authentic Texas lifestyle. Giddy Up!

How do you pass the time inflight?

Reading books! Flying is my time to decompress as I put away technology. My preferred genre is non-fiction. I just finished the "Killing" series by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard. The authors provided extensive research to produce gems on former U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan; Generals Patton and MacArthur; and Jesus. These are historical books that read like thrillers!

Share an initiative you admire from an airline

As an Executive Platinum with American Airlines, I've flown in all classes of service. AA is intentional on elevating the inflight experience that makes flying feel like my second home. On the operations side, AA is delivering on their customer promise to minimize the impact of weather disruptions. Their Hub Efficiency Analytics Tool (HEAT) was awarded a prestigious Laureate award from Aviation Week for innovation that delivers results for customers in our industry.

Tell us about trends in tech solutions

Offer-Order-Service-Deliver is the foundational change from legacy passenger sales and service systems. IBS Software has invested heavily to lead this change from a technology standpoint, and we are excited to enable our airline partners to transform and thrive in this new world.


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