Lessons to my younger self - Vijay Chakravarthy - VP, Consulting and Digital Transformation team, IBS Software


What lessons would you give your younger self? Vijay Chakravarthy, VP, Consulting and Digital Transformation team, shares uplifting and actionable lessons we can all follow.  

Mind the company you keep

Surround yourself with people who encourage and inspire you.
You will gain immense confidence and motivation from their presence.

Be kind

Show kindness and build strong relationships with family and friends.
Don't expect anything in return; you will soon realise the act of giving is more fulfilling than receiving. 

Add 'patience' and 'persistence' to your vocabulary

Success in attaining your goals may take some time; you'll need persistence to help you get there.

Pursue your interests

Don't give up on your passions such as art, sport, and writing.
They are important activities in your overall wellbeing and in the corporate world, they can be valuable assets.

Don't fear the unknown

Grab opportunities that present themselves, they are worthwhile experiences for learning and personal growth.


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