Lessons to my younger self


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Radhesh Menon, VP & Head of Strategy & Product Management, Cargo Logistics Solutions at IBS Software to share his thoughts.

Pursue happiness

Seek joy in your daily life.

You'll find it by exploring your strengths, interests, and new opportunities.

Be brave

Don't overthink it when it comes to seizing new opportunities or challenges. 

New experiences will bring to light hidden abilities and strengths.

Ask strategic questions

When tackling a new venture, the most important question is WHY. 

Get to the WHAT, HOW and WHEN only after you have cleared that up.

Consider effort and goals

While striving for perfection is a good long-term objective, don't delay your immediate goals.

The last 20% towards achieving perfection often has the lowest rate of return on your incremental effort.

Be dependable

Understand that recognition and respect are not by-products of your title, knowledge, or years of experience. 

It's all down to taking ownership and being reliable when it comes to delivering results.

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