Lessons to my Younger Self - Michael Walsh, Vice President Marketing, IBS Software


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Michael Walsh VP of Marketing. He provides insights for today's marketers. 

Be the decision-maker for your career

Make bold moves, when needed, in your career. No one is responsible for your career progression but you. If you have to change jobs, cities, or countries, do it.

The willingness to change may be the decision maker.

Create measurable Goals

Measure everything. Marketing needs to show ROI at all times - you need to show your worth in business terms. And explain it so people understand.

Look after yourself

You can't tough it out forever - exercise, good food, sleep, a pleasant home environment, and time off, help you perform longer and better in your work.

Especially when you get older, but even when you are younger.

See errors as a learning opportunity

Be okay with being wrong - you will come across campaigns, designs, and messages that you do not like at all that still work. That's all that matters. It will help you learn more about your audience.

Use the learnings to come up with an even better idea.

Discover marketing insights through your audience

Insights come from talking to a lot of people. Marketing can rarely come down from the mountaintop and blow everyone away.

Gather all the viewpoints and digest into a message that connects with the audience.

Grow your network

Cultivate friendships and always try to meet new people, expanding your network. Talk to people from different areas of life.

There is a world out there which is very different to what you have experienced.


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