Lessons to my younger self - Mathew Koshy


What lessons would you give your younger self?

We asked Mathew Koshy, Senior Manager, Product Management Architecture at IBS Software, to share his advice.

Consider your core values

Establish your core values early on and make them the foundation as you build your life and career. They will be your beacon of light as you navigate the ups and downs.

Become a mentor

Be a mentor and share your expertise, it is a great privilege. It builds a lifelong relationship, furthers your own knowledge, and creates a shared success. These moments will stand out in later years.

Be thoughtful about your time allocation

Consider how a farmer wisely spends his time in the day and in the seasons, planting and nurturing his crops.
Decide what you want to nurture and whether you're spending your time judiciously.

Develop listening and collaboration skills

People who work together come with diverse views. Each team needs someone who can listen, understand these perspectives with an unbiased mind and bring them together. Be that integrator. 

Follow your own path

Your individuality needs a unique path, one that aligns with who you are. Don't fall into the trap of viewing success through the lens of another.
Set your own path and work diligently towards it. 


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