Lessons to my younger self


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Manu K P, Associate VP and Head of Energy, Resources Logistics Solutions at IBS Software, to share his thoughts.

Keep paying back

Appreciate that life is not easy for many people; keep contributing to society to make it a better place.

The journey is more valuable than the destination

While what you want to achieve and where you want to be is important, keep asking yourself at every step of the journey: am I enjoying this? Is it enriching me?

Life is what you choose

We are the sum of the choices we make. 

Take each, whether good or bad, as a learning opportunity.

Be flexible

Planning is critical but don't expect everything to go as planned. 

Be open to pivot as needed.

Be open to new experiences

Embrace opportunities to broaden your horizons. 

Diverse experiences will enrich you and make you a more rounded human being.

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