Lessons to my younger self - Jayan Nair, SVP and Head – Global Human Resources, IBS Software


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Jayan Nair, SVP and Head of Global Human Resources. He shares valuable life lessons we can all learn from.  

Embrace variety

Take on as many varied roles as possible in the first ten years of your career; you'll develop a broader outlook and diverse skills.

Have fun

Set aside time for your interests and passions. It can be a small portion of your day but it is key for your happiness that you spend some time on it. 

Be of help

Be there to support others, always.

You may not be able to find solutions to all their issues but on many occasions, just being there to listen, is of immense help.

Maintain momentum

On many occasions, when we take on tasks, we end up spending a lot of time on analysis and thinking. Doing this without moving forward is not helpful, it's vital to maintain momentum all the way through. Thinking and re-planning needs to happen on the fly.

Banish self-doubt

Don't hesitate to take on a new role because you don't think you can do it. You can learn as you start working in the new job.

Ask for help

 if you're struggling to make progress. Most people genuinely like to support, and you'll be amazed at what you'll get back in return.

Manage your finances

Learn how to manage money right from your first salary. You'll realise that what you're able to save becomes more important than what you earn.


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