Lessons to my younger self - Chris Branagan, Chief Technology Officer


What lessons would you give your younger self?

We asked Chris Branagan, Chief Technology Officer at IBS Software, to share his advice. 

Stretch yourself

If you are not a little bit afraid and thinking 'I cannot do this, I'll be found out' when starting a new job early in your career, then you are not pushing yourself.

Value teamwork and morale

Some of my best successes have been collective achievements when we all clicked, were in sync, delivering at pace.

Identify your passions

Try to recognise what you enjoy about your job, maybe become the 'go-to' person for a subject. Think about why that is and explore it further. 

Review your role

You should be learning or earning. Don't stagnate in a job.

Prioritise travel

See the world whilst you have lots of energy and are still willing to live out of a backpack or in a hostel.

Be financially savvy and think long term

Pay into your pension scheme and pay more than the basic amount; 20 years from now you will really value that decision.


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