Lessons to my younger self


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Arun George Philip, Group Manager of Human Resources at IBS Software, to share his advice. 

People matter

Appreciate the people in your circle. Cherish your friendships and build on the relationships you develop from early on in your career. 

A supportive network will be invaluable. 

Be structured

Develop a mindset of routines, habits, and schedules. 

They'll serve you well in your professional and personal life – even if your family calls you 'predictable' 😊

Take a walk

Get into walking everywhere; it's good exercise and a great way to explore new places when travelling. It's also a time when you can be on your own for quiet introspection.

Get musical

Pick up a musical instrument early on. It can give you a channel to build your confidence and achieve a balance in life.

Don't be afraid of failure

Early failures in life are a great teacher. You won't crumble under pressure when you face tough challenges, you'll learn and move on. And when you look back, you'll laugh and realise that it wasn't such a big deal after all. These experiences can also help others to overcome similar situations. 

Don't lose your zeal for life!


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