Jeswin Varghese, Senior Product Manager, Consulting and Digital Transformation team, IBS Software


Innovation is at the core of IBS Software and fundamental to our vision and mission. In this blog series, we hear from colleagues on how they personally engage with the topic of innovation.

What does innovation mean to you?

It's anything that creates value. It could be something small that makes a task easier or something totally disruptive that goes leaps and bounds in terms of value creation.

Ultimately, anything that helps the person using it to get things done better, quicker, easier or cheaper is innovation.

What do you enjoy about innovation?

The journey and the destination. Innovation is a long, eventful, and enriching journey: from an idea to a tangible solution, through a roller coaster of emotions and associations with numerous people from different backgrounds.

And finally at the destination, seeing the innovation piece creating value, it's very satisfying.

Is innovation a solus or a team activity?

It can be both; maybe because I belong to an innovation group, I personally see it as a team activity. In our case, ideas are born out of conversations and then collaboratively refined, built upon and nurtured into an innovation.

What have you learnt from failure?

Failure means that it's time to pause, digest, think, learn and try again smarter.

Which innovation are you most proud of?

I've been fortunate to contribute to a brand-new product that redefines airline revenue management as we know it today, helping airlines reduce lost revenue while enabling them to offer better fares to passengers. It's a win-win. 


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