Innovation & Me - Madhu V Nair, Head Of Product Management & Strategy, iFly Staff, IBS Software


Madhu Nair shares his perspectives on innovation and outlines the greatest potential for change in the staff travel sector.

What does innovation mean to you?

The ability to dream big coupled with an attitude and a will to bring those dreams to life.

How do you practice an 'innovation mindset' at work?

By encouraging the team to have a 30,000 ft view and look beyond the limitations, to see the possibilities.

We then bring incremental levels of improvement in process, functionality, and usability; over time, it rolls up to a substantial impact.

What do you enjoy about innovation?

Although software is intangible, the most satisfying experience is the distinct impact our product innovation brings to the end users and their lives. 

How do you encourage innovation in your team?

We conduct innovation workshops with our customers to pour in Ideas, Needs, and Wants. This joint exercise gives a different perspective to our team, it encourages them to start thinking and walking in the shoes of customers and end users.

Where is the greatest opportunity for innovation in your sector?

Staff travel is a sought-after benefit for airline employees. But a benefit not properly implemented does more harm than good. Most staff programs focus on the basics of flight booking only; there's scope to improve the UX by offering a Whole of Trip experience with accommodation, activities, and onward travel.


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