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You can make the Collaborative Airport of the Future a Reality, Today


Imagine this. It's cold: below freezing. There's a fog coming in. Ice on the tarmac has led to delays in many passengers disembarking and slowed down the unloading of cargo. Everyone wants to take off on time — before the fog arrives. But to make that happen, you need extra de-icers, fast. If your stress levels are already rising, take a moment. Now imagine this. All the different agencies in your airport — the airport-operations staff, air-traffic control, the ground handlers, everyone — use intelligent, API-connected systems that continually and securely share data. The ground operations tea...

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Are You Really Ready for the eVTOL Revolution?


In May 2023, United Airlines and eVTOL-maker Archer announced plans to launch an "air taxi" service based in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. United passengers will be able to disembark at O'Hare and then take an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air-taxi to the city center [1]. There are a lot of things you can say about this, many of them eminently serious (we'll get to a few below), not least that it cuts an hour's journey to just 10 minutes. But let's just take a moment to acknowledge how cool it is. For years, people who were disappointed that the twenty-first century ...

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Is this the answer to the airline labor shortage?


By 2026, US airlines alone will need to recruit 480,000 new technicians and 350,000 pilots just to keep pace with demand [1]. Worldwide, the industry will be short of 80,000 pilots by 2023 [2]. Already, labor shortages are grounding flights [3]. And disruption due to unfilled jobs is forecast to last for at least another decade [4]. As the sector works hard to make up for lost ground over the last few years, amid happily rising passenger demand, it must find a way to overcome these labor shortages.  The perk that other sectors can't match In the struggle to attract talented staff to the s...

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Taking the risk out of updating order management modernization


This has been a good year for commercial aviation. Finally, after three years I'm sure we're all very glad to put behind us, demand is up, passenger numbers are properly recovering — reaching 95.6% of their pre-COVID levels by September 2023 [1] — and the industry is forecast to go back into profit [2]. What's not to love? Nothing, of course. This is all great news. And yet. As IATA noted in its forecast for 2023, our sector's total profits are expected to be US$4.7 billion, on revenues of almost US$1 trillion [2]. If the sector is to thrive in a market increasingly marked by shaky consumer co...

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If airlines don’t take care of their customers, someone else will


There are at least 1,000 airlines operating in the world today [1]. And they're in a race, even the ones that don't know it yet. Airline spending on digital transformation is growing by 27% a year and is expected to reach over US$35 billion by 2030 [2]. From a relatively slow start, carriers will rush to digitize everything from order management, through distribution, to customer service, retail offering and more. The question is not will this or that carrier digitally transform their operations. It's will they do it fast enough, will they get enough right from the outset to enjoy first-mover ...

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