Introducing iStay – the Unified Platform to simplify and improve hotels’ businesses


In January 2024, we announced our intention to acquire hotel and travel technology provider Above Property Services (APS®). Upon closing the transaction in March, we embarked on our journey to transform the hospitality industry. As we combine the considerable resources of a global company behind the hospitality industry's first unified platform, we felt this momentous move deserved a new name that reflects the broader array of products we can now offer.

It's my pleasure to introduce you all to iStay.

For hotel and travel executives, iStay is completely aligned with your priorities to simplify and improve the way you run your businesses. iStay combines our current booking engine, distribution, and analytics solutions with expanded features from APS including PMS, CRS, RMS, Call Center and a built-in Data Lake to offer a truly unified platform for the hotel enterprise. iStay enables you to address many of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the hotel and travel industry. So let's explore them:

Let's start with the pervasive problem of staff shortages. According to a survey of more than 600 hoteliers, 65% revealed that they plan to weather labor shortages and attract new talent by incorporating new technologies. Amid labor shortages, hotels are required to do more with less people. Our platform addresses staff shortages in 3 ways. First, we enable your current staff to increase their productivity. Second, we enable you to onboard and get new staff up and running faster than ever before with a system that is incredibly easy to use. Third, and finally, we enable you to expand your hiring pool to add hard working people across a broader spectrum of backgrounds and languages with real-time translation. Our platform automatically detects more than 100 languages making it easier for staff of all backgrounds to stay connected and get their jobs done.

iStay also enables you to achieve unprecedented gains in total revenue, guest satisfaction, and share of wallet. At a time when other hotel platforms are playing catch up by working on attribute-based selling (ABS), iStay goes well beyond that with a flexible data model that enables you to sell much more than just rooms. iStay then manages every guest interaction from the initial booking process to the stay itself to the final checkout process – offering you key insights into your guest preferences, patterns, and behaviors. Additionally, with overview of demographic, behavioral, and feedback data, you can gain deep insights into your guest profiles – tailoring offerings and communications accordingly. With this level of data visibility, you can craft an all-encompassing guest journey, providing curated experiences to merchandise everything on property and beyond.

iStay simplifies your business with a single system that enables you to run your entire hotel and/or travel business – enabling you to cancel multiple software contracts, and eliminating the need for fragmented systems. iStay also increases your security and peace of mind with a platform that has a track record of 100% uptime. There's no scheduled downtime ever, and the system has had no outages. And, given a report from HotelTechReport that 81% of hoteliers believe it is very likely that technology will be more important for the success of a hotel business in the next five years, it's a solution the industry needs. So, we welcome you to this new journey with iStay - we can't wait to see what the future holds. 


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