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Overcoming three key challenges regional airports face


Regional airports play a crucial role in connecting communities and facilitating travel for millions of passengers every year. However, smaller aviation hubs handling fewer than 10 million passengers annually encounter three common challenges affecting their operations, growth potential, and overall sustainability.  1. Financial Constraints Regional airports operate on tight budgets, largely due to their limited passenger numbers. With fewer travelers passing through their gates, these airports struggle to generate direct aero revenue for critical infrastructure upgrades, maintenance...

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Vishnu Prasad Prabhu A V, Senior Product Manager, Consulting and Digital Transformation Team, IBS Software


Innovation is at the core of IBS Software and fundamental to our vision and mission. In this blog series, we hear from colleagues on how they personally engage with the topic of innovation.   What does innovation mean to you? It's an ambiguous activity, a process of pain and achievement. We place bold bets in the face of uncertain outcomes and a willingness to persevere despite impediments, criticism, and self-doubt. What do you enjoy about innovation?  The unpredictability. The innovation mindset always looks for chance results. You cannot expect innovation to happen in a time-bound...

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