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What the future of Airport Operational Databases looks like


Airport Operational Databases (AODB) are essential to managing critical airport data, including flight schedules, passenger information, gate assignments, baggage handling, security, aircraft movements, and more. But, rapid and sustained growth in air travel over the past decades has put many of these systems under stress. While AODBs enable airports to streamline operations, improve stakeholder communication, and enhance passenger experiences, traditional AODBs face several challenges, including: Data silos: Most airports operate multiple disparate systems, leading to data silos and inefficie...

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You can make the Collaborative Airport of the Future a Reality, Today


Imagine this. It's cold: below freezing. There's a fog coming in. Ice on the tarmac has led to delays in many passengers disembarking and slowed down the unloading of cargo. Everyone wants to take off on time — before the fog arrives. But to make that happen, you need extra de-icers, fast. If your stress levels are already rising, take a moment. Now imagine this. All the different agencies in your airport — the airport-operations staff, air-traffic control, the ground handlers, everyone — use intelligent, API-connected systems that continually and securely share data. The ground operations tea...

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