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How Generative AI will Transform Supply Chain Industry


If your supply chain isn't ready for GenAI, you've got a problem The genius of the Internet is that it's unbreakable. If an unforeseen event closes one route, data packets quickly find another. That hasn't been possible for logistics, until now. Just as TCP/IP revolutionized digital communications, making the Internet possible, GenAI will transform physical supply chains. It will enable logistics providers to optimize real-world processes, predicting demand more accurately, automating labor-intensive tasks and improving overall efficiency. It will provide the intelligence and agility required ...

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Are You Really Ready for the eVTOL Revolution?


In May 2023, United Airlines and eVTOL-maker Archer announced plans to launch an "air taxi" service based in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. United passengers will be able to disembark at O'Hare and then take an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) air-taxi to the city center [1]. There are a lot of things you can say about this, many of them eminently serious (we'll get to a few below), not least that it cuts an hour's journey to just 10 minutes. But let's just take a moment to acknowledge how cool it is. For years, people who were disappointed that the twenty-first century ...

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Energy and Resources Industry


The energy and resources industry is undergoing tremendous digital transformation. Technological solutions have proven beyond doubt that it has been instrumental in improving operational efficiency, reducing operational cost, and strategizing ESG activities including net zero goals. In this blog, Remasankar S, Vice President - Energy & Resources Logistics, IBS Software talks about how technology solutions are revolutionizing the way the industry functions and what the future holds. What are some of the business models that could transform logistics operations in the global energy & res...

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