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Streamlining compliance verification processes across air cargo operations


Staying current with ever-changing global, regional, and country-specific regulations to ensure compliance across air cargo operations is a significant challenge for airlines. Yet, supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness hinge on all players being compliant every step of the way. Today, screening processes involve considerable human intervention and offline checks that are prone to error and operational bottlenecks. Or worse. How much simpler and more effective could the compliance verification process be if it were automated end-to-end? That´s the value iCargo´s new compliance capabili...

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Air mail is dead, long live air mail


Not so long ago, air mail was considered the royalty of correspondence. But with the advent of email, instant messaging, and other digital technologies, many predicted air mail´s unretractable demise. Yet, IATA still reports that around 320.4 billion letters and post items continue to be sent every year and air mail cargo plays an essential role in their delivery. Air mail cargo is an important contributor to air cargo and with eCommerce continuing to boom, those numbers show no signs of relenting. And like all things analogue and digital, security is a critical area of attention, in this case...

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