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The evolving IT ecosystem in the Cruise Industry


Post-pandemic, like all other industries, the cruise industry is also trying everything possible to bring customers back on board. There have been apprehensions from the customers, even the most loyal of them. However, technology is here to help the industry and solve quite a few challenges that it is facing now. Derek Howard, Senior Director, Travel & Cruise at IBS Software, talks about the IT evolution currently underway in the cruise ship industry. What is driving cruise companies to look into transforming the shipboard IT ecosystem? The first and foremost reason is data privacy and sec...

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Energy and Resources Industry


The energy and resources industry is undergoing tremendous digital transformation. Technological solutions have proven beyond doubt that it has been instrumental in improving operational efficiency, reducing operational cost, and strategizing ESG activities including net zero goals. In this blog, Remasankar S, Vice President - Energy & Resources Logistics, IBS Software talks about how technology solutions are revolutionizing the way the industry functions and what the future holds. What are some of the business models that could transform logistics operations in the global energy & res...

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Digital Transformation in the Air Cargo Industry:An Expert's Take with Ajith Pancily


Digital transformation in logistics, is not just a passing fad or a hot topic among the professionals in the industry, it is a reality. However, there are still many questions and apprehensions surrounding the digital transformation of the air cargo industry. Why is this clearly necessary transformation coming so late? Why is it still taking so long to take effect? Is a digital transformation even necessary? What specific benefits are associated with undertaking a digital transformation journey? Ajith Pancily, Senior Product Manager - Special Initiatives, Cargo & Logistics Solutions at IBS...

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