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Four trends shaping airline loyalty program expectations and success


Spurred by a rapidly changing digital landscape and dynamic market context, expectations from loyalty programs have changed for both business and leisure travelers. While loyalty played a crucial role helping airlines weather the pandemic, what new realities should airlines consider to fulfill member expectations moving forward? Let's explore four key trends that are shaping airline loyalty today and into the near future.  1. Traveler and staff empowerment It's no secret that in the early days of the pandemic airlines and travelers experienced a high degree of friction managing massi...

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Loyalty Programs: How can you make them the cure and the vaccine driving an airline’s recovery?


With the year 2020 wrapping up, IATA has forecasted a $118.5 billion loss for the airline industry due to the COVID-19 crisis, which is deeper than its forecast of $84.3 billion in June1. While there is now hope due to the discovery of a vaccine, newer "waves," strains, and clusters continue to wreak havoc, challenging the industry for its very survival in the present shape and form. At the same time, airline loyalty programs have proven beyond doubt that they have the potential to become the cure and the vaccine propping up airlines with their ability to generate non-travel related revenue, h...

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