Cargo may hold key to bringing autonomous vehicles to mainstream

There are a lot of eager eyes watching the development of autonomous vehicles (or self driving cars, to keep it simple) and betting on how soon they will hit the roads as mainstream – or at least in significant volumes to ensure they are treated as acceptably normal with respect to conventional cars. Despite the advancement and depth of technology involved, it is often said that the human element is the biggest challenge. The ideal vehicle will be expected to not just interface in a level-appropriate manner with the passengers inside, but also negotiate its path with reference to other people,...
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Partnering for collaboration: Strengthening value delivery by air cargo

Click here to know more about the 14th IBS Cargo Forum | November 6-8, 2018 | Bangalore, India Dr King's hand shivers as he fills up the package registration form at the freight forwarder. He finds one particular field in the paper form to be very disturbing: "Value"   What is the value of my package? Is it the price of $2,000.00 that I paid? Or is it the life of the child in rural Africa which I am going to save by ensuring that this package gets there in time for his surgery? by AuthorInterestingly, both of them are accurate estimations. But for the true value to be realized, ...
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Three cargo products desperate for better platform integration

The propensity of high value cargo to take to the air, rather than other channels, is influenced primarily by one single factor - speed and secondly, reliability. But this also places great demands on maintaining the security and integrity of the shipment, which is a key driver for the modernization currently happening as well as envisioned for the future in the air cargo supply chain.IATA has declared a commitment to "deliver enhanced value for the industry by driving a safe, secure, profitable and sustainable air cargo supply chain". IATA has formally identified unregulated supply chain part...
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3 focus areas for air cargo to empower e-commerce - Part 1

The phrase "brick and mortar" is a retronym to imply a physical entity in a landscape that is slowly being taken over by its digital variant – the most prominent example being a retail store in a world that is embracing e-commerce. At the risk of oversimplification, the electronic model is favourable for sellers who can cut off intermediaries as well as save investment in showroom space and other sales display related costs, while the end customers appreciate the fact that these savings are typically passed on to them through slashed prices!The key lies in the logistics of getting the purchase...
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3 focus areas for air cargo to empower e-commerce - Part 2

​In the previous part of this blog post series, we had considered the symbiotic relationship between air cargo and e-commerce. A key observation was that instead of pushing for full consolidation, the more practical solution should involve a significant effort invested in creating highly customized cargo products that enable e-commerce companies to improve the value proposition they provide to their customers. The first focus area had also been explored. Here we continue with the rest of the focus areas which will help air cargo to align better with e-commerce players and their requiremen...
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