Why air cargo needs a blockchain boost

Air cargo is a complex business involving a massive supply chain that stretches all across the globe. The ecosystem is divided in a very granular manner, with the airline itself handling a very small portion of the cargo movement and the rest being handled by partners which are far from seamless in their connection to the chain. Between the shipper and the receiver, every package passes through several hands with varying degrees of manual and automated operation.In the absence of full digitization, the excessive number of non-standardized intermediaries in the network form weak links on the ch...
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IBS Cargo Forum: A digital future and the anatomy of innovation

Despite registering a growth of over 90% over the past decade as per World Bank statistics, certain structural deficiencies - slim margins, low yields and low predictability - have held back the air cargo industry from fully capitalizing on the heavy demand for freight movement. High impact, sustainable solutions are essential and the signals are strong for a digital future. The IBS Cargo Forum, which recently concluded in Abu Dhabi, focused on the digital evolution of the air cargo industry landscape, and how the iCargo platform stands to generate tremendous value for the astute customer. &nb...
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Delivering digitization: A reality check on air cargo today - Part II

​In my previous blog post Game Changers: A reality check on air cargo today - Part I, we explored the anomalous capacity paradox as the core reason behind the decreased yield in the cargo industry. As profitability dips, the most viable solution for the sustenance of the industry begins with increasing productivity of output and must proceed through intense customization of product. Technology, or more specifically digitization, is not a mere enabler here but the very foundation on which the industry must be rebuilt.IATA proposed to achieve this in 2016 through a portfolio of transformational ...
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Game changers: A reality check on air cargo today - Part I

"Now, the game will change" - Michael Reisenberg of Lufthansa Cargo, the outgoing Chairman of the IBS Cargo Forum, gave the best possible comment about the future of the cargo industry, subtly invoking the slogan of the home soccer team of the city of Cochin (the venue of the forum conference last month). We are in the business of enabling that change, and the very objective of the forum is to maximize yield in R&D. In today's context, changing the game isn't a nice-to-have for the air cargo industry; it is a dire necessity on many counts.   An inside look ​ The air cargo industry is ...
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3 product design priorities to make animals safer in cargo holds

Globally, the air cargo industry clocked a massive 2 quadrillion kg-km as per World Bank statistics for the past year. Meanwhile, IATA confirms that while the year 2016 saw growth doubling by volume, the first half of 2017 has been the strongest ever for the industry so far in this decade. Confidence levels are tremendously high within industry circles, although public perception may have taken a hit from the headlines surrounding Simon, a highly prized rabbit who met his end in the cargo hold of a prominent global airline earlier this year. While the exact cause of the animal's death remains ...
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