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Streamlining compliance verification processes across air cargo operations


Staying current with ever-changing global, regional, and country-specific regulations to ensure compliance across air cargo operations is a significant challenge for airlines. Yet, supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness hinge on all players being compliant every step of the way. Today, screening processes involve considerable human intervention and offline checks that are prone to error and operational bottlenecks. Or worse.

How much simpler and more effective could the compliance verification process be if it were automated end-to-end? That´s the value iCargo´s new compliance capability enables. 

Compliance – from booking to delivery

In addition to adhering to industry and product-related regulations, other factors like dual-use goods and sanctions must be considered. Failure to do so can lead to severe business and financial risks, including the loss of import and export rights and considerable reputational damage - with staff potentially being held personally liable. While the shipper is legally responsible for performing compliance checks, airlines can´t always rely on this being done accurately.

For example, manually checking compliance within a reasonable timeframe for an airline carrying 100 different types of goods from 100 consignees on a single flight is impossible. If, however, a solution that integrates seamlessly with an airline´s core cargo system was in place to automate compliance vetting, a carrier could:

  • Manage alert flows efficiently within an ever-changing and growing regulatory environment
  • Perform real-time screening and checks, accelerating verification processes
  • Eliminate illegal and fraudulent booking transactions while detecting high-risk customers
  • Decrease costs and errors by reducing reliance on human intervention,
  • Improve decision-making through accurate, real-time information.

The path to automated compliance

iCargo´s new compliance capability integrates seamlessly with a compliance database, utilizing those feeds to introduce new "screen" and "review" workflows.

The screening process is triggered once a booking or AWB/HAWB is generated or modified. To ensure adherence, the solution taps into the compliance database and the airline´s internal rules engine governing embargoes, restrictions, or capacity allocations.

If an inconsistency is detected during the screening process, an alert triggers an ensuing review process for internal and regulatory compliance verification. The booking and AWB/HAWB data review processes provide an extra layer of security, ensuring bottlenecks and vulnerabilities don´t emerge in downstream operations.

An innovative partnership for an innovative product

iCargo´s new compliance capability is born from our commitment to continuous innovation and our partnership with a global, pioneering provider of content-enabled workflow solutions. With this new solution, iCargo customers gain peace of mind and can enhance operational efficiency and security through end-to-end compliance vetting. Comprehensive and automated compliance checks also help airlines resume business operations to destinations they had ceased to serve or confidently expand into new markets and segments. Stay tuned for more details in our upcoming announcement.

Author Info

As Product Consultant, Naveen K U works closely with airlines to transform and redefine their cargo businesses and processes in line with industry initiatives and best practices. He oversees iCargo´s Air Mail solution and spearheads iCargo´s broader ecosystem integration with third-party systems to improve compliance screening processes, accelerate shipment processing times, and reduce manual intervention. Naveen holds a Master´s in Operations Management and a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering.

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