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ONE Record and the road to a seamlessly connected air cargo ecosystem


These are exciting times to work in air cargo; we have a unique "once-in-a-generation" opportunity to shape the industry's future by resetting its digital foundations.

There´s significant room to improve operations in the cargo ecosystem, characterized by legacy standards, overly complex processes, siloed systems patchworks, and workaround solutions. The result? Truncated information flows and systems integrations where critical data is lost or inaccurately interpreted across the shipment lifecycle, leading to inefficiencies and putting compliance at risk.

But a brighter future is in the making for a digitally interconnected cargo landscape. And data, with modern messaging standards to support it, underpin the industry´s vision.

Imagine a future with seamless communications flows across the supply chain with instant, accurate information enabling real-time operational visibility and closer stakeholder collaboration. That´s what ONE Record aims to do. At IBS Software, we´re excited about – and deeply committed to – the ONE Record opportunity. 

ONE Record; Three pillars; One date

ONE Record will help the industry overcome current operational challenges by generating a single view of the shipment for supply chain stakeholders. Operating from a seamless and single source of truth, IATA´s ONE Record program will improve:

  • Data quality, integrity, and accessibility through a standard messaging structure and model
  • Connectivity through an API-first approach to facilitate systems integration and data sharing
  • Security through comprehensive identification, authentication, privacy, and confidentiality.

With the industry´s commitment to becoming ONE Record compliant by January 1st, 2026, a brave new world isn´t far away. Yet, the date doesn´t represent the end destination but rather the start of a new journey. ONE Record´s full-scale deployment, applications, and enhancements will evolve over time, unlocking new opportunities across the air cargo supply chain.

What this means for the industry

A common industry standard, enabled by a modern web-based architecture, fosters a highly interconnected and secure digital ecosystem. Through seamless connectivity, ONE Record will enable real-time operational visibility and agility across supply chain stakeholders.
With a unified environment, we can streamline industry processes, enabling greater collaboration, optimization, accuracy, and compliance. This aligns with the idea of the "Internet of Logistics," where interconnected systems and data flow smoothly, fostering collaboration and data sharing. ONE Record will homogenize data, messaging, and the API landscape, simplifying plug-and-play systems integration across the cargo supply chain. This accelerates innovation while reducing implementation and maintenance costs and effort. And with the deployment of new security protocols, we´ll benefit from unprecedented data control.

IBS Software´s ONE Record approach

Digital transformation is embedded in our DNA. Since iCargo's inception, we´ve worked closely with our customers to drive proven industry change and innovation.

We´re deeply engaged in the ONE Record working groups, actively participating and collaborating with IATA, customers, and industry stakeholders to accelerate ONE Record´s full-scale adoption.

Through several pilots across the program's strategic pillars, we´re proving ONE Record´s advantages in end-to-end use cases and sharing comprehensive feedback to enhance the standard continuously. To date, we´ve successfully completed several pilots for transitioning from CXML / CIMP transition to ONE Record-based integration flows, including:

  • Shipment and AWB record flows across airlines, forwarders, ground handlers, customs, and other downstream stakeholders
  • Flight Booking List flows between airlines and ground handlers under different scenarios
  • Two-way shipment tracking flows between airlines, ground handlers, forwarders, and customer interfaces

We have more pilots underway, but we´re also going beyond the scope of the ONE Record program; we´re testing enhanced digital cargo use cases, like airline check sheet template distribution to ground handlers using rich media.

IBS Software is well on the path to ensuring iCargo customers are ONE Record-compliant by January 1st, 2026. With the foundations in place, we´ll continue to build and enhance ONE Record´s applications in conjunction with the iCargo community and industry partners, finding new ways to leverage data and improve supply chain performance.

Nurturing the path forward

While transitioning to a digital and API-driven ecosystem requires additional resources, effort, and time across the industry, ONE Record´s long-term benefits are unquestionable. ONE Record offers a pathway for air cargo stakeholders to unlock new value creation by fully embracing and accelerating digital transformation.

Accurate data and seamless connectivity are the foundations for greater collaboration, visibility, productivity, and agility across supply chain operations. ONE Record´s streamlined environment will enable stakeholders to adapt to an increasingly demanding landscape by delivering better customer, partner, and employee experiences. 

Author Info

Sony Joseph has over 14 years' experience as a Product Manager and Functional Consultant with extensive involvement in large-scale projects across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas. He holds an excellent track record of delivering commitments on time and in high quality.

He owns the Customs, Message Broker, and Mail Operations verticals within IBS Software's cargo business unit, and is responsible for defining the goals and objectives of the product strategy and roadmap delivery. 

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