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Enabling agile airline partnerships in air cargo through a single, network-wide view


Airline partnerships in air cargo allow carriers to increase their network coverage and capacity utilization. Different partnership models exist with varying levels of commitment, from fixed capacity allocations under interline contracts to joint capacity selling under joint venture agreements.

Yet, despite the significant business potential airline partnerships represent, there are far fewer in air cargo than on the passenger side. While multiple large-scale initiatives have been attempted, only a few have withstood the test of time. Most couldn't achieve expected results, commonly due to operational challenges between airline systems, including:

  • Lack of real-time visibility on critical data like inventory, routes, schedules, or shipment tracking
  • Complexity in synchronizing revenue management and enforcing commercial conditions
  • Inability to establish, scale, and manage partnerships efficiently
  • A high degree of human and offline intervention across critical processes
  • Failure to provide a seamless customer experience across airline partners.

While the list can go on, it´s clear that increased collaboration between airline partners is a critical success factor. In today´s fast-moving digital landscape, agile end-to-end operations between suppliers and customers are essential to capitalizing on emerging opportunities and evolving expectations. Logistics providers must adapt quickly to decentralized sourcing models, increasingly demanding quality standards, and ever-growing eCommerce. Enabling greater collaboration and seamless operations across partners has never been more vital.

iPartner Airline is an innovative and industry-first platform that unlocks the full partnership potential between airlines, delivering unprecedented value to their customers. Simplifying and streamlining bilateral and multi-lateral partnership management, iPartner Airline´s common platform connects all partners and orchestrates critical processes across airline networks.

Through a single window, partner airlines benefit from:

  • A joint view of all serviceable routes and product and services inventory
  • Instant booking evaluation and confirmation with near-zero rejections
  • Seamlessly synchronized Revenue Management and reporting
  • Faster time to market for new partnerships and scope expansions
  • A superior customer experience with real-time shipment tracking

Through a connected community of airlines, iPartner Airline offers up to five times more routing options per booking. It also reduces end-to-end booking times from an average of 45 minutes today to less than 2 minutes. Empowered by a fully digital user and customer experience, a new era of seamless collaboration, agile sales and operations, and scalable partnerships has come. 

Author Info

Vinod Krishna is a Product Manager with 20+ years of experience building technology solutions for the air cargo and logistics industry. Vinod currently focuses on the product strategy and rollout of iPartner Airline, a platform that facilitates collaboration between air cargo carriers by enabling the seamless integration of end-to-end commercial and customer servicing processes.
An ardent believer in the power of technology to transform and pivot businesses, Vinod enjoys staying up to date with the latest innovations that drive greater agility across air cargo.

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