Marcus Puffer

Corporate loyalty: What, why and how to tap this market

​Airline loyalty, as we know it today, is a complicated business model to explain to a layman. Most people prefer to see it as an airline company giving away rewards, discounts and other incentives, in return for customers making more and more purchases and pledging their loyalty to the brand - but this is misleadingly simple. A strategically designed loyalty ecosystem, supported by the right tools to facilitate its operation, enables an airline company to gain so much more from their loyalty program than just a list of ardent fans and regular customers. Click here for more information on Corp...
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Daniel Stecher

Sharing information for Collaborative Disruption Management

In the movie The Matrix, there is a chilling scene where one of the crew members looks at a black screen full of green numbers and characters, and starts describing the virtual characters he sees through them – most memorably, the pretty girl in the red dress. He knows, because he created her. But no one else can see her in any form other than the massive amount of code and bits that appear on the black screen. That is the best description you can imagine, for the legacy systems that still plague the Operations Control Center (OCC) of many airlines around the world. Yes, some of these oth...
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Radhesh R Menon

3 product design priorities to make animals safer in cargo holds

Globally, the air cargo industry clocked a massive 2 quadrillion kg-km as per World Bank statistics for the past year. Meanwhile, IATA confirms that while the year 2016 saw growth doubling by volume, the first half of 2017 has been the strongest ever for the industry so far in this decade. Confidence levels are tremendously high within industry circles, although public perception may have taken a hit from the headlines surrounding Simon, a highly prized rabbit who met his end in the cargo hold of a prominent global airline earlier this year. While the exact cause of the animal's death remains ...
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Jude Kishore

SaaS makes sense: 4 of the simplest reasons why

Technology must pervade, without the need to intrude. While technology itself may be getting more and more complex, the true objective of the IT vendor is to reduce the complexity of transactions for the customer business. A SaaS mode implementation strips the customer of practically all the responsibility of IT, giving the IT provider complete control over the 'how', to implement 'what' the customer has defined as their business goal. From the point of view of a technology partner, the control we gain comes with a great responsibility. Moving to a SaaS model isn't just a question of tech...
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Jitendra Sindhwani

Notes from the IATA AGM 2017: Key takeaways and a missing link

Last month, the beaches of Cancun, Mexico hosted a large group of airline CEOs, analysts and associated business leaders for the IATA AGM 2017. The present and the future of the aviation business were dissected and debated at the event, uncovering some very interesting potential for innovative technologies. IBS being a key strategic partner of IATA, I was accorded an invitation to the event along with Bratati Ghosh, Chief Marketing Officer. In addition to several direct meetings with our key customer base, the event gave us priceless inputs regarding the enhanced role we need to play in this h...
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