Sherilyn Rogers

8 things hotel customers will use smartphones for in 2018

"We need to have a good mobility strategy" ​ If you haven't heard this from your marketing or technology departments (or a consultant) already in the past few years, you will certainly hear it in 2018. Anything afterwards may be way too late, based on what we can see in the hospitality industry today. But then again, what does a "good" mobility strategy really mean? Think With Google – the research wing of the search giant – reports that 40% of all travel website visits in the United States happen through mobile. The smartphone in the hands of your customer is therefore your best friend a...
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Very informative...
Friday, 12 January 2018 04:24
Ashok Rajan

Game changers: A reality check on air cargo today - Part I

"Now, the game will change" - Michael Reisenberg of Lufthansa Cargo, the outgoing Chairman of the IBS Cargo Forum, gave the best possible comment about the future of the cargo industry, subtly invoking the slogan of the home soccer team of the city of Cochin (the venue of the forum conference last month). We are in the business of enabling that change, and the very objective of the forum is to maximize yield in R&D. In today's context, changing the game isn't a nice-to-have for the air cargo industry; it is a dire necessity on many counts.   An inside look ​ The air cargo industry is ...
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Christine Updegraff

Size does matter: Brand consolidation in hospitality wholesale breeds optimism

"It's complicated" - a hotel may say when asked about its relationship with OTAs and bed banks. Nearly half of all hotel inventory sales online happen through OTAs and wholesalers, and that share is growing, although direct bookings continue to be attractive for hotel brands in search of greater margins.In his recent interview with CNBC, Mark Okerstrom, the CEO of Expedia, highlighted that diversity and size of inventory is a key part of his strategy for the future. "We've built an incredible platform for customers to come and look at all of the properties. We've got 1050 properties in New Yor...
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Marcus Puffer

Corporate loyalty portals: Agile earn and burn for business travelers

Understanding the stakeholder in a typical corporate travel transaction is a challenging task for an airline. A corporate customer's preferences may revolve around budget restrictions, predictability of expenses and additional services on offer, while the individual (employee) who will be travelling on the ticket may seek personal convenience and access to ancillary services even at an additional expense. Ultimately, the airline seeks to engage and satisfy both of them, thereby maximizing their own share of wallet as well as driving down the cost of future sales to the same customer.   Co...
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Daniel Stecher

OPS 2020: Explore digital solutions to airline business disruption

Attention airline CTOs, your Operations Control Center (OCC) could be contributing to losses of as much as $25 billion annually. What are you doing to prevent it?Force Majeure – an act of God or a natural calamity which is beyond the control of mankind – is considered a valid reason in the airline industry for delay or cancellation of flights. Any other reason may result in massive losses, heavy penalties (based on the specific contract clauses) and damage to customer goodwill in a heavily competitive industry. Can your airline afford a long downtime in business, especially if the disruption s...
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