Aravind Ramachandran

Trading data for convenience and other inclinations of today’s airline passenger

​ "We know, because we asked" - IATA For the past half a decade, IATA (for whom IBS is a strategic partner) has been exploring what's on the mind of airline passengers around the world, in a bid to find out what they love, what they hate and what they want in the future. Yours truly did his bit this year, spending a quarter of an hour answering questions and even speculating a little bit – you can do so too at until next month. But my main objective today is not promoting the survey; instead it is to use their results to quickly examine how passengers are at present, inc...
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Jitendra Sindhwani

Notes from the IATA AGM 2017: Key takeaways and a missing link

Last month, the beaches of Cancun, Mexico hosted a large group of airline CEOs, analysts and associated business leaders for the IATA AGM 2017 . The present and the future of the aviation business were dissected and debated at the event, uncovering some very interesting potential for innovative technologies. IBS being a key strategic partner of IATA , I was accorded an invitation to the event along with Bratati Ghosh, Chief Marketing Officer . In addition to several direct meetings with our key customer base, the event gave us priceless inputs regarding the enhanced role we need to play in thi...
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Aravind Ramachandran

Desperate to fly? Start bidding on your airfare

Typically, airline ticket prices are determined by a very complex algorithm . In addition to the costs incurred by the airline on account of the flight, this takes into account a lot of factors like the airports being connected by the flight, the date of the journey, date of booking, time of flight, availability of options/competition etc. These help determine the current demand and hence maximize profits based on what a customer may be willing to pay. A key part of the algorithm boils down to this: To a customer who is currently looking for flight tickets, a seat on a flight tomorrow is much ...
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Aravind Ramachandran

Silent airports: Keep the silence, but speak up using technology

Q: What's more annoying than missing your flight because you were a few minutes too late to reach the boarding gate?   A : The same situation as above, except you were present in the airport, checked in and the only reason for your missing the flight is that you just didn't notice it was time for boarding!   Think of silent airports . Granted, such airports do send out text messages reminding you it is time to board, and some even give you reminders through airport-specific apps which you need to download. But the fact remains that it is up to the passenger ultimately to en...
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Daniel Stecher

R.I.P Airline Gantt Charts

The forerunner of the Gantt chart was created in the mid-1890s by Karol Adamiecki, a Polish engineer. A decade and a half later, an American engineer and project management consultant named Henry Gantt made a modified version of the chart which gained great popularity around the world, particularly in industrialized Western nations – thus the name Gantt chart. When the Gantt chart became a common tool among airline users in the 1990s, the Operations Control Center (OCC) was transformed to what it is today.  With the launch of  iFlight Neo from IBS, the era of the Gantt chart is about...
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