Six Ways You Can Do Revenue-Based Loyalty Programs Right, Part I

A Changing Environment: When American Airlines and Aer Lingus announced that they were joining the bandwagon of revenue based loyalty programs, it became evident that the airlines were following a growing trend outlined and practiced by major industry players like Delta, United, Qantas and South African. Rewarding customers based on the amount they spend allows for a more fair cultivation of the airline-customer relationship and provides a loyalty proposition truly attuned to customer value rather than just focusing on miles in the itinerary. By moving to the revenue based model, airlines have...
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Innovations in Hospitality: Insights from the CEO, Rajiv Shah

Interested in the latest disruptions and trends in the hospitality industry that might affect your business? Then look no further: Bonotel Exclusive Travel recently featured a thought piece written by IBS Software Services CEO Rajiv Shah that takes a serious look at the latest innovations in hospitality services. You can read the article in the February Edition of the Bonotel Brief, Bonotel's quarterly publication. Read by a wide range of hotel managers, hotel operators, and travel agents from the hospitality industry, the Bonotel Brief features articles written by leading executives. In this ...
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