Lekshmi Nair

Daily Disruption: A Doctor in the Palm of Your Hand

Today, the internet is now a one stop home, for health-care, jobs, finance, IT, you name it. When we're feeling sick, we even let the internet treat us, without taking proper advice from a doctor. We rely on sites and blogs and accept the solutions that they give us, based on the symptoms we enter into the search box. Studies which have proved that disease rates are increasing on a daily basis - the primary reason being the current lack of timely consultation and proper medication. To make things even more complex, we have many online consultation websites that proclaim that consultations are ...
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Asish Koshy

The Future of the Retail Travel Agency

Is This the End for Travel Agencies? Or a New Beginning? Over the past decade and half, seldom has a month gone by without the news heralding the demise of the retail travel agency business. CNN reported that there are about 13,000 travel retail locations presently in the United States, down from a peak of 34,000 in the mid-1990s. Emboldened by the closure of several brick and mortar travel agencies which defined store front travel agency business - especially in mature travel markets - the proliferation of OTAs / supplier direct web sites, the devastating effects of 9/11, the economic recessi...
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Raktim Atreya

Daily Disruption: Trading Places

Travel isn't just leisure – for the millions of businesspeople who travel across the globe daily, it's an absolute necessity. While they may hail from different industries and may be headed to different locations, they all seek to get an edge in the same three factors at the end of the day: comfort, prices and punctuality. Take Rachel – she's all set for a business meeting that has suddenly been organized at the last minute. However, she finds herself trapped as there is no available flight to her destination at the desired time. Necessity is mother of innovation, but also I believe necessity ...
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Siju K J

Daily Disruption: Wearable Technology

In the beginning, wearable devices found initial markets in the sports and health monitoring sectors. Then came the Google glass and watches with the Android or Apple OS. Now many features formerly exclusive to smart phones are now possible in a smart watch as well. In what came as a surprise to many analysts, 30 million smartwatches were sold in 2015. The fast growing hardware capabilities and the interest from giants like Apple and Google brought Bluetooth, internet connectivity, and apps such as Accelerometer, Compass, and NFC to the smartwatch. This confluence of features can result in a h...
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Sreejith Seekumar

Daily Disruption: VR Seat Booking

How often do you pat yourself on the back for having the best seat on a flight? While it may be a good feeling, we often get the best seat on the plane through sheer luck, and not through any means under our control. For the millions of passengers who pre-select their seat choice prior to flying, it makes a big difference to get a good seat – both physically and psychologically. There are many sites that provide information on the best seats based on the airline, class of travel, flight, and aircraft type. You get to know which seat gives maximum leg room, clear window view, less disturbance (...
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