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Anuja Sasidharan, Program Manager Consulting and Digital Transformation team, IBS Software, Hannover, Germany


Hello Anuja, tell us a bit about you, your role and what you enjoy I'm originally from Kerala, India and joined IBS Software in 2006 as a team leader. Since 2018, I've been based in Hannover, Germany for an onsite assignment at a leading European leisure airline group. I have a multi-faceted role, managing a team of engineers across various locations in India, Germany, and the UK. We support and maintain the software needed in the airline operations domain, such as crew planning, flight planning. We also help the customer in modernising their technology platform, including support for migratio...

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Airline staff travel – an unsung hero to talent acquisition, retention, and cost control


Staff travel is one of the most sought-after perks for prospective and existing employees in the airline industry, a benefit offered across seniority levels that often extends to family and friends. But while staff travel is an attractive and powerful benefit in the compensation package, how can airlines unlock its full value to improve talent acquisition, employee satisfaction, and business predictability? The truth is that staff travel has traditionally seldom received the attention it deserves as it´s generally considered a cost, making related budget approvals, internal commitment, and pol...

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Lessons to my younger self - Mathew Koshy


What lessons would you give your younger self? We asked Mathew Koshy, Senior Manager, Product Management Architecture at IBS Software, to share his advice. Consider your core values Establish your core values early on and make them the foundation as you build your life and career. They will be your beacon of light as you navigate the ups and downs. Become a mentor Be a mentor and share your expertise, it is a great privilege. It builds a lifelong relationship, furthers your own knowledge, and creates a shared success. These moments will stand out in later years. Be thoughtful about your time a...

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Janaki R B, Head of Service Delivery – MEA and APAC, Consulting and Digital Transformation team, IBS Software, Trivandrum, India


Hello Janaki, tell us a bit about you, your role and what you enjoy I'm from Trivandrum, Kerala; I lead the delivery of digital transformation solutions for Middle East, Africa and Australia regions for customers in the travel and transportation sector. At a job level, what I enjoy is finding an apt solution for complex problems, it's very satisfying. On the organisational front, I am fortunate to work with a diverse set of customers and colleagues. I love the energy of young teams, it is so infectious! How did you get started in tech?  It wasn't my original path, I studied mechanical eng...

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Revenue Management in Aviation Industry


Revenue Management is considered the backbone of the aviation industry. Predicting the right demand, timing, and pricing are responsibilities of the revenue management system. Technology has brought radical changes in the way revenue is realized by the airline industry. However, technology has a lot more to offer compared to what is being implemented. In this blog, Kelwin Kuriachan, Senior Principal Product Consultant, talks about the future scope of technology and its role in revenue management, the challenges involved in revenue management, and how AI can help with continuous pricing.  ...

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