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The biggest advance in the hotel industry in the last ten years is surprising and unexpected


From time to time, groundbreaking innovation arrives in surprising and unexpected ways. For example, in the 1950s, when we started sending rockets into space, we took for granted that the rocket went up into the sky on a one-way trip. On December 21, 2015, something fundamentally changed: Stage 1 of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket completed its descent and landed at Cape Canaveral Station. When that booster landed, vertically and intact, that event fundamentally disrupted the space industry with unprecedented economics, efficiency, and profitability. When Aaron Shepherd and his founding team at APS...

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How AI is revolutionizing operations and offshore logistics in the oil and gas industry


With its ability to learn and deliver real-time analytics, AI's impact on offshore logistics in the oil and gas industry is immense. Companies operating in this space are leveraging AI to optimize supply chains and minimize downtime by ensuring resources are allocated productively. The data-driven insights and automation capabilities AI provides enable stakeholders with the information and tools they need to enhance decision-making, improve safety, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions. AI´s transformative power on offshore logistics can´t be overstated, including: Automated supply chain m...

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Streamlining compliance verification processes across air cargo operations


Staying current with ever-changing global, regional, and country-specific regulations to ensure compliance across air cargo operations is a significant challenge for airlines. Yet, supply chain efficiency and cost-effectiveness hinge on all players being compliant every step of the way. Today, screening processes involve considerable human intervention and offline checks that are prone to error and operational bottlenecks. Or worse. How much simpler and more effective could the compliance verification process be if it were automated end-to-end? That´s the value iCargo´s new compliance capabili...

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What the future of Airport Operational Databases looks like


Airport Operational Databases (AODB) are essential to managing critical airport data, including flight schedules, passenger information, gate assignments, baggage handling, security, aircraft movements, and more. But, rapid and sustained growth in air travel over the past decades has put many of these systems under stress. While AODBs enable airports to streamline operations, improve stakeholder communication, and enhance passenger experiences, traditional AODBs face several challenges, including: Data silos: Most airports operate multiple disparate systems, leading to data silos and inefficie...

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Enabling agile airline partnerships in air cargo through a single, network-wide view


Airline partnerships in air cargo allow carriers to increase their network coverage and capacity utilization. Different partnership models exist with varying levels of commitment, from fixed capacity allocations under interline contracts to joint capacity selling under joint venture agreements. Yet, despite the significant business potential airline partnerships represent, there are far fewer in air cargo than on the passenger side. While multiple large-scale initiatives have been attempted, only a few have withstood the test of time. Most couldn't achieve expected results, commonly due to ope...

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