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Six ways digital marketplaces help personalize airport experiences and unlock new revenue streams


Airports play a central role in shaping the traveler experience, with creative design thinking and investment primarily focused on physical amenities. While great care is given to making the traveler's time at the airport more efficient and pleasant, one area of the experience still screams for attention — airport digital channels. Just because travelers happen to be at the airport doesn't mean they are using onsite amenities and services. As mobile usage continues to rise year on year, travelers are often glued to their devices rather than exploring what the airport has to offer. And this beh...

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Anjana Gopinath, Manager – Media, Executive Relations and Events, IBS Software, Trivandrum, India


Hi Anjana, tell us a bit about your role and what you do My role is varied and has evolved over the years. It covers PR and media relations, with a specific focus on India; I look after our Executive Chairman's PR engagements and industry relations. In addition, one of the most stimulating parts of my responsibilities, arranging events! I'm involved in our flagship customer events such as the IBS Cargo Forum.  What do you enjoy about events? I love it all! The uncertainty, the last-minute workarounds, firefighting, the sleepless nights, the excitement of seeing a venue being set up step-b...

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How blockchain helps the oil and gas industry reduce its carbon footprint and improve SLA adherence


The big question when new technologies are introduced in the marketplace is whether they will stand the test of time and reach critical levels of adoption to fulfil their "raison d´être". With blockchain's gradual adoption across different industries, there are two key areas where it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the oil and gas industry's effectiveness and efficiency.  1.Carbon Credit NFTs Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from oil and gas operations stand at more than 5.2 billion metric tonnes, representing nearly 15% of the energy sector's total GHG emissions. Blockchain's use of uniq...

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Three critical features cruise lines should look out for in an onboard POS system


When I started working in systems and IT for a cruise line several years ago, I was amazed at how complex the technical landscape was to support the business, and how many systems were in place to do so. What should have been relatively straightforward was a challenging, costly, and resource-intensive IT administration feat. Even the simplest of changes were overburdened by the sheer amount of forward planning required to carry them out. While the systems we used had served their purpose, they stagnated in time, becoming a right headache to manage. This was a widely recognized challenge across...

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While airline loyalty benefits appeal, 58% don’t know how to redeem points


IBS Software Launches its First Ever Customer Survey on Airline Loyalty Programs in the APAC region IBS Software partnered with YouGov to commission its inaugural consumer survey around Airline Loyalty Programs (ALP) in key travel centers across the APAC region. The study polled 1500 travellers from Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, seeking to gain insight into the perceived benefits of loyalty programs as well as the key factors stopping non-members from joining. ALP insight in APAC: key findings Airline loyalty has a huge base - the majorityof travellers are members of an ALP  - ...

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