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Significance of Data & Analytics in Airline Cargo Management


Data and analytics have opened avenues for more efficient business operations and digital innovations. This allows businesses to identify and prepare for future contingencies by understanding customer preferences and market trends. Padmaja, Lead Product Manager - Cargo & Logistics Solutions at IBS Software, discusses how data is being used in the air freight industry and the challenges in adopting data analytics, as well as what the future holds.  1. In this era of Digitalization, data & analytics play a vital role in digital transformation. How do you envisage these technolo...

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Digital Transformation in the Energy & Resources Logistics industry


When it comes to digitization, the energy industry has traditionally been slow on the uptake. However, things are changing. More companies are realizing that there are incredible benefits associated with digital transformation and are slowly embracing it. In this blog, we are in conversation with Tarek Muradi, Director of Sales at IBS Software.  What is the relevance of logistics digitalization and enterprise applications like iLogistics in the future of energy supply chain markets? As oil and gas companies strive to gain greater operational efficiencies and drive productivity throughout ...

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How does technology awaken Loyalty - the sleeping beauty of aviation?


Loyalty programs often do not get the attention they deserve. Most companies are surprised at how much value their loyalty programs drive. With technological advancements, loyalty programs have become more powerful than ever before. In this conversation with Marcus Puffer, Vice President and Head of Loyalty Solutions, we understand how modern airline loyalty programs surged in importance, and how they drive business growth.   Why has Loyalty become such an important factor for business success? Loyalty programs have been around for a long time now, even more than 30-40 years. These freque...

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Lessons to my younger self


What lessons would you give your younger self? Manoj Kumar V, Vice President and Global Head of Delivery, Cargo Logistics Solutions at IBS Software, shares his advice.   Focus on learning at the start of your career Build skills, knowledge, and expertise. Get that education under your belt, success will follow. Be kind to yourself Do not let the result of every situation affect your dedication and mental peace. Both success and failure are a part of the journey. Choose your battles It's not necessary to win all of them. The goal is winning the war! Be open and flexible to give in as neede...

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Roy George, Product Head, Airline Retailing Solutions, IBS Software


Innovation is at the core of IBS Software and fundamental to our vision and mission. In this blog series, we hear from colleagues on how they personally engage with the topic of innovation.   What does innovation mean to you? It's promoting an idea which when put into practice, brings absolute joy to the customer. As Jeff Bezos said: "We innovate by starting with the customer and working backward." How do you practice an innovation mindset at work? By encouraging the team to challenge one another with an open mindset, irrespective of their job roles. It helps us to stay innovation-centric...

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