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Enhanced security, but no laptop ban: Predictions coming true?


It is the aviation industry's favorite topic of speculation today, and still an open goldmine for tech companies who think and move rapidly to provide solutions. The so called 'laptop ban' on flights heading to the United States from 10 airports in the Middle East has shaken up the travel plans of business travelers in this sector, and given rise to allegations of veiled protectionism or even political mismanagement. Estimates pegged the lost productivity of passengers who can't work in the air at around $1.4 billion! US Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly had earlier commente...

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Need experiences, will travel: Why millennials take to the skies


Travel marketers who have been paying attention to the world around them will not be surprised to hear that a large portion of the target customer base is now composed of millennials. Economists would attribute a large part of this (over the long term) to deregulation, as well as a "real" decrease in airfares relative to the incomes. Yet in recent times, the drastic increase in the quantum of information at their disposal has also contributed significantly to this trend. Largely on account of this influx of millennials into the demand side of the market, customer attitudes are evolving towards...

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Desire to destination: Why social networks aren’t competition, but valuable partners for OTAs


 "Travel sites are not just competing with other travel sites. They are in attention competition with every Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat account and need to have an imagery plan in place" - A popular website covering the travel industry published an article which presented such a view. When interpreting how the travel business works, there are two sides to this coin! Social networks don't challenge the travel distribution chain, they strengthen it and provide the capability to refine the content with great levels of customization. It hardly matters where a potential customer gets that ...

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Click on pic, book your trip: NDC hackathon-winning innovation from IBS


"Wish I was there…" is a starting point for so many fun-filled vacations, when you see an attractive picture of your dream destination. And now, just one click along with that thought can help you plan your entire travel itinerary thanks to PhoTra, the ultimate hassle free experience, courtesy of technology developed by IBS Software! According to the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI), in the year 2012 alone, as many as 40 million travelers around the world chose their destinations based on what they saw on screen! With examples like Northern Ireland (courtesy Game of Thron...

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Automated flights: Emotional dependence, gradual easing and three enabling pillars


"No way. People will never be comfortable on a flight without human cabin crew. It is an emotional need, to have someone to soothe your nerves when you are uneasy. That's exactly what cabin crew members are trained for!" - My suggestion that people will one day be happy to fly on a flight without human cabin crew, if the price is right, was met with skepticism by a friend who has been studying the industry at quite some depth. The counter argument against avoiding human staff on flights is heavily based on an assumption of customer preferences which holds true only under a very limited time fr...

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