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Optimizing Energy & Resources Material Logistics Supply Chain


Are oil and gas logistics really as robust as you need them to be? The demand for offshore support vessels will soon be higher than the available supply. That's the conclusion of a report released early in 2023 [1]. The volume of new exploration since the war in Ukraine began, the growth of offshore renewables and the rising number of pipeline projects all threaten to cause logistics-asset shortages in the near future. Unless there's rapid investment in new shipbuilding, helicopter procurement and more, it won't be possible to meet this growing demand with new capacity. What should the oil and...

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Improving mid-sized airports´ revenue and operational performance while boosting regional economies


While large airports often get the limelight, the significance of medium-sized airports to national and regional economies mustn´t be understated. Mid-sized airports play an existential role in connecting people and businesses to the broader economy, providing a lifeline to local communities.  But keeping the economy moving comes with its challenges. Mid-tier hubs struggle with managing growing yet fluctuating passenger flows and optimizing resources while operating on limited budgets. Operational efficiency and revenue maximization are critical to their survival as their larger counterpa...

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Optimizing airport aero revenues with dynamic pricing


Fuelled by the growth in air travel, airports have transitioned from public infrastructures to dynamic arenas where private operators and innovative ownership models have gained prominence. Demand for new airports and the rise of privately operated facilities have led to a decline in government-operated airports, which requires continuous recalibration of the aviation industry's dynamics. However, regulatory frameworks remain indispensable given airports' strategic role in economies. While respecting the rules of basic market economics, governments recognize that private ownership requires som...

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How digital wallets and payment orchestration are reshaping the payment ecosystem


With digital payments expected to grow over 20%, reaching US$361.30 billion globally by 2030, and cashless transactions increasing 80% to reach 1.9 trillion by 2025, traditional payment methods are rapidly giving way to new ones. In this evolving context, digital wallets have emerged as frontrunners, clearly reshaping the payments ecosystem with several advantages: ConvenienceThe primary goal of digital wallets is to simplify and streamline the payment process. With just a smartphone, consumers can conveniently pay online or in physical stores, accelerating transactions through a hassle-free e...

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Navigating the Talent Journey: Insights from the "Recruit, Develop & Retain" Panel


I recently attended the People Matters L&D Conference 2023, one of the largest Learning & Development conferences in India, where I had the privilege of moderating the "Recruit, Develop & Retain" session, delving into the intricacies of talent management! Joining me on stage, were three esteemed panellists - Anindya Shee, Vice President of Jio Platforms; Ritu Agast, HR Director, Pearson India; and Rutinder Negi, Head of Learning & Development at Bajaj Finserv. Bringing together leaders from diverse industries to provide a spectrum of insights. Employee diversity was our first t...

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